Trains stood still nationwide

All trains in the entire country stood still Monday evening, because of a breakdown in the communications system used by Norway’s beleaguered state railroad Jernbaneverket. Thousands of passengers from Fredrikstad in the south to those on Nordlandsbane in the north had to find alternative means of transport, or simply wait. It was another embarrassing breakdown […]

Accident probe: No technical failure

It will be a few more weeks before their report is finished, but investigators probing the cause of a fatal accident involving runaway railcars in Oslo say they’ve so far found no signs of technical or equipment failure. Meanwhile, the son of one victim is threatening a lawsuit. The state accident investigation commission (Havarikommisjonen) still […]

Mystery surrounds fatal rail accident

A formal inquiry is underway into Wednesday’s fatal and bizarre accident in Oslo involving 16 runaway railroad boxcars and spectacular drama. “This never should have been able to happen,” said the head of the state commission that investigates accidents. Knut A Olsen of the state Havarikommisjonen said his team hopes to come up with some […]

Runaway train spurs death, injury

UPDATED: Several railroad cars suddenly started rolling on their own out of the Alnabru terminal on Oslo’s east side Wednesday afternoon, careened out of control towards the waterfront, crashed into at least one building and then into the fjord at Sjursøya. Three persons were confirmed killed and four seriously injured. The accident occurred around 1:30pm […]

Opposition fears great train robbery

Norway’s train system continues to seem on the verge of derailment, and opposition politicians have little confidence the government will finally set things right. They’re disappointed by a status report from the Transport Minister and fear funding won’t materialize as promised, while one government party is proposing a new tax on airline travel to secure […]

Train tunnel to close this summer

Commuters in the Oslo area got the bad news on Tuesday that the key train tunnel under the city will be shut down for an entire month this summer, in connection with rehabilitation work. That means more distruption, and transfers to a bus service. Train travel has amounted to a nightmare for most commuters throughout […]

Transport Minister admits train system is in 'a crisis'

It was another terrible week for Norway’s train system, as breakdowns and weather-related problems literally left passengers freezing on platforms all over the country. Transport Minister Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa called an emergency meeting with railroad bosses, and railway NSB promised immediate measures to get trains rolling again. For the public at large, however, the messages […]

More trouble hits train system

Train service for tens of thousands of passengers was disrupted once again on Wednesday, after fire broke out inside a key tunnel west of Oslo. It’s the latest in a long series of railroad trouble in Norway that has angered and frustrated passengers for years, and now is literally leaving them out in the cold. […]