Cop killer freed after 10 years

A robber with a long criminal record who killed a Norwegian policeman during Norway’s largest heist in history, the so-called NOKAS robbery, is being released from prison after serving just 10 years of a 16-year sentence that could have been extended. Another man involved in the robbery was also freed, prompting calls for a change in the law […]

Empty army camps could become jails

A senior police official has proposed to put away foreign converts in some of North Norway’s many abandoned military camps.  “Foreign criminals are taking up a lot of space in our jails,” Vestfold police inspector Magnar Pedersen told Dagbladet. “The armed forces have abanadoned so much in North Norway, but the buildings are still there and […]

Foreign convicts face separate jails

Some opposition parties in Parliament want to place foreigners convicted of crimes in prisons that are much more spartan than those housing Norwegians. They argue that there’s not such a pressing need for rehabilitation, since the foreign convicts face deportation after serving their terms. “We don’t need to offer these (convicts) education or other help […]