Royals firm up ties to Chile and Easter Island

Salmon wasn’t the only thing on the menu during the Norwegian royal couple’s state visit to Chile that ended over the weekend. In addition to controversially opening doors for more Norwegian salmon-farming players in Chile, they came bearing gifts and oversaw the pending return of items taken from Rapa Nui (Easter Island) during Norwegian explorer […]

‘Kon-Tiki 2’ ended with a rescue at sea

The international crew of the new Kon-Tiki 2 expedition that set sail last fall made their way from Peru to Easter Island, but didn’t manage to complete their planned return trip. All 14 people on board the expedition’s two specially constructed balsa rafts had to be rescued this week after 114 days at sea. “I […]

New ‘Kon-Tiki’ expedition sets sail

A 25-member international team led by Norwegians has set off from Peru to the Easter Islands, re-enacting the famous voyage of fellow Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl. This team, however, also intends to make a round-trip, using two rafts and sailing back again to Peru. “This is a tribute to Thor Heyerdahl,” Torgeir Higraff, leader of the expedition […]

Putin surprises the Kon-Tiki Museum

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been known for surprises that have been far from welcome in recent months, but on Monday he surprisingly charmed staff at the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo. They were celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of explorer Thor Heyerdahl on Monday when they suddenly received unexpected, warm and personal greetings from the controversial […]

‘Kon-Tiki’-inspired team set to sail

A new international expedition in the spirit of Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki voyage intends to both support and challenge the theories of the Norwegian explorer, who would have turned 100 on Monday. Three teams plan to set sail from South America to Easter Island and back, to test whether ancient seafarers could have done the same. Heyerdahl, who […]

Thor Heyerdahl’s darker final years

The third volume in a biographical trilogy on the life of Norway’s legendary explorer Thor Heyerdahl shows that even heroes run into hard times. In Heyerdahl’s case, according to the new book on his final years, his family broke up, he faced financial problems and constant conflicts with other researchers. Thirty years after his triumphant […]

‘Kon-Tiki’ directors may join Academy

The Norwegian director duo best known for their most recent film Kon-Tiki have been invited to join the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which votes for winners of the annual Academy Awards. They’re reportedly the first Norwegians invited to join the Academy since actress Liv Ullmann in the 1970s. Newspaper Aftenposten reported […]

New ‘Kon-Tiki’ opens in USA

A new, English-language version of the Norwegian film dramatization of explorer Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki expedition opened to mixed reviews at cinemas in the US over over the weekend. Some critics gave it good marks, others wished they could have seen the original Norwegian version that was nominated for an Oscar. The international launch of Kon-Tiki […]

Oscar sailed by ‘Kon-Tiki,’ too

The sun literally set on the Norwegian film industry’s dreams of bringing home an Oscar this year, but the ride to Hollywood was fun while it lasted. Members of the cast and crew of “Kon-Tiki,” plus the government minister in charge of culture, insisted they weren’t disappointed that the Austrian film “Amour” won instead. It […]

‘Kon-Tiki’ crew goes to Hollywood

Norway had a large contingent on location in Los Angeles this weekend, so that all the lead actors and crew members of the Norwegian film ‘Kon-Tiki’ could get as close as they could to the annual Academy Awards show. They were ready to party, even if ‘Kon-Tiki’ doesn’t win an Oscar. Most of the cast […]