Wage talks break down already

It only took a day, from Wednesday to Thursday, before national employers’ organization NHO and Norway’s largest trade union federation LO declared they were “too far apart” to hope for any wage agreement. Now they’ll head into mediation after the Easter holidays, but strikes loom. The breakdown came as no surprise. “We knew when we […]

Corona sabotaged labour negotiations

Spring wage and benefit negotiations between Norway’s biggest trade union federations and employers’ organizations traditionally rank as among the most important events of the year. The Corona crisis has upset just about everything, though, with all talks put off until early autumn in an unprecedented postponement. “Our delegation had been very goal-oriented,” Jørn Eggum, leader […]

More labour negotiations get underway

Trade union federations representing public sector employees launched into a new round of negotiations with state and local employers this week. Teachers, nurses and workers at state railway NSB, airports agency Avinor and postal service Posten were among those threatening to strike if their demands weren’t met. The new negotiations come just after a settlement […]

Pay gap persists between men and women

Women in Norway continue to earn just 86 percent of what men in Norway take home in terms of average monthly earnings. The latest figures from 2016, compiled by statistics bureau SSB, indicate that the pay gap has narrowed, however, and pay growth for women has been a bit higher than for men since 2000. […]

Many defy call for pay ‘moderation’

The most powerful officials in Norway’s labour market gathered this week and agreed that “moderation” will continue to be the buzzword in wage and salary talks this spring. Executive pay, meanwhile, and even the salaries of some political leaders have risen to a level that’s anything but moderate, by Norwegian standards. Top business leaders in Norway are now paid […]