Russian Embassy drew huge crowd

So many guests responded favourably to an invitation to a Liberation Day reception at the Russian Embassy in Oslo on Friday that they literally had to line up to get in. Far from boycotting the event, because of heightened tensions between Norway and Russia, the hundreds of diplomats, business associates and even the mayor of Oslo […]

Northerners just want to stay friends

As Norway celebrated Liberation Day on Friday, 70 years after the end of five miserable years of occupation during World War II, many Norwegians were remembering how Soviet troops helped liberate the most northern areas of the country, in Finnmark. They want to remain good neighbours with Russia, and worry that rising tensions between Oslo and […]

The day when peace came to Hatlehol

SPECIAL FEATURE: Norway is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its liberation after World War II this month. Among those remembering the day the war actually ended in Norway is Solveig Torvik, a Norwegian-American journalist whose family was living in the hamlet of Hatlehol at the time, near the west coast city of Ålesund. Torvik described that […]

Norway gears for war memorials

Friday May 8th is both Liberation- and Veterans’ Day in Norway, and this year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the Nazi German occupation. Royalty, government officials and military brass will be out in force to hail Norway’s freedom at a time of rising international tension. Events will begin with […]

Sculpture stirs resistance debate

Seventy years after they helped liberate Norway from the Nazi German occupation, members of the resistance organization known as Osvaldgruppen (The Osvald Group) have finally won recognition in the form of speeches and a sculpture. The latter, though, has stirred nearly as much debate as the group itself. Five surviving members of the Osvald Group unveiled the sculpture meant […]

Liberation Day now Veterans’ Day

Military installations and communities all over Norway celebrated Liberation Day on May 8 a bit differently this year. The government is making a concerted effort to use the day to celebrate Norwegian veterans of military service, with defense officials doling out three more of its highest wartime decorations. Since 1945, May 8 has been listed […]