Oslo’s new library draws good reviews

Architecture critics are hailing Oslo’s new city library, which officially opened on Thursday under the new name Deichman Bjørvika. It’s a lively statement of a new strategy for libraries, according to newspaper Klassekampen. It fits every ideal for a modern library, wrote newspaper Aftenposten. Reviewers disagree, however, on whether the actual book collection has the […]

Oslo opens ‘largest bookshelf’ to visitors

It’s been in the works for more than a decade, enduring controversy, unforeseen building problems, budget overruns and a pandemic. On June 18th Oslo’s new main library was finally opening to the public, under the new name Deichman Bjørvika. Close to NOK 2.5 billion has gone into the project, which Oslo’s City government at one […]

Last chapter for iconic ‘book boat’

Politicians in the newly-merged Vestland county in western Norway have decided that a unique floating library known as Epos will never again bring books, plays and other fun to children in remote coastal areas. The bitterly criticized decision to shut it down mirrors the complexities of Norway’s controversial regional reform. “This is a scandalous cultural […]

Cornerstone finally being laid for new city library

After years of delays, leakage problems and budget overruns, Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen can finally lay down the cornerstone of the city’s new main library at Bjørvika on Friday. The library, called Deichmanske, is rising on the eastern waterfront just behind the Opera House. The entire area is one large construction zone at present, as […]

Oslo to build its troubled library

Oslo’s new city government has decided to move forward with troubled plans to build a new public library at its leakage-plagued site on the eastern waterfront at Bjørvika. The project still faces huge budget overruns and expensive operation in the future, however, so the library will have to share the building with business tenants who can provide […]

Library literally stuck in the mud

One of the first major problems facing Oslo’s new Labour-led city government is the highly troubled construction of a new main public library. The entire project has come to a standstill and is already nearly NOK 400 million over budget, after the prior government insisted on building the library on a muddy site near the Opera House. It was supposed […]

Big cost overruns at new Oslo library

Oslo’s new main library, now under construction on the waterfront at Bjørvika, will be further delayed and cost much more than initially expected. City officials admitted on Wednesday that construction management hasn’t been satisfactory. Much of the higher costs, estimated at around NOK 500 million, are blamed on water leaks and problems with foundation work […]

Library prepares for major move

With Oslo’s brand-new main public library soon to be built near the Opera House at Bjørvika, the current library, which was damaged during the July 22 bombing in 2011, is already preparing for the move and shelving some of its book collection. Construction of the new Deichmanske Library, named for its original benefactor Carl Deichman in 1780, […]