Nesbø and NRK end collaboration

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) has canned production of a four-year, multi-million dollar television series created by the multi-talented Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. With a budget of NOK 80 million,  Okkupert (Occupied) was set to be one of the most ambitious and expensive TV productions made in Norway. NRK was due to start production in autumn, and premiere […]

Language creator hailed and decried

Ivar Aasen would have been 200 years old on Monday, and his bicentennial was being both celebrated and pilloried. That’s because Aasen created or “found” Norway’s second official language, nynorsk, seen as both a cultural enrichment and a pest for uninterested teenagers forced to study it. Aasen is the son of a small-time farmer in […]

Nesbø fans in Hole heaven, once again

Is it a new Harry Potter release?  Another bizarre Norwegian festival? The return of Elvis? No —it’s Jo Nesbø’s new novel. On Thursday, one second past midnight, it hits the stores, some of which are open all night for this strange occasion. Fans of Jo Nesbø and his cop character Harry Hole are likely to line […]