Opedal tapped as new Equinor CEO

Anders Opedal, a 52-year-old veteran of the oil industry, has been tapped to lead Norwegian state oil company Equinor into what his predecessor Eldar Sætre calls “the next phase of the energy transition.” Equinor confirmed Monday morning that Sætre will be stepping down as chief executive officer, but not because of all the recent uproar […]

Svendsen mulls ‘exciting’ offers

Berit Svendsen, the highly rated executive who felt compelled to leave Telenor earlier this month, says she’s had “incredibly many nice messages and exciting offers” since her headline-grabbing resignation. Management experts think the company has suffered because of it. “Seen from the outside, it seems like a lot of energy is used on internal positioning […]

NHO’s boss will be missed

Colleagues at Norway’s national employers association NHO were all but mourning the looming loss of their boss, Kristin Skogen Lund, after she confirmed that she was resigning the powerful position to accept a new job as chief executive of Schibsted Group, the large Norwegian media company. Lund formerly headed Schibsted’s biggest newspaper, Aftenposten, and staff there were […]

‘Sad’ and ‘dark’ day at divided Telenor

UPDATED: One of Norway’s most high-profile female executives, Berit Svendsen, seemed to have lost a long-standing power struggle with her boss at Telenor, CEO Sigve Brekke. He later claimed he was merely trying to expand her competence by offering her new assignments that she didn’t want. Svendsen ended up resigning late Monday night, after several […]

Telenor boss targets Svendsen

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Tuesday that the chief executive of Telenor, Sigve Brekke, has tried to squeeze out the company’s lone woman in top management, Berit Svendsen. Several sources told NRK that Svendsen is now fighting to hang on to her post as head of Telenor’s Scandinavian operations. Svendsen, age 55, was a top […]

State auditor in trouble again

Norway’s state auditor general, the veteran Conservative politician Per-Kristian Foss, has once again become the target of complaints over his allegedly rough management style. Foss once again has promised to improve his ways. “I can be too impatient,” Foss admitted to newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) this week. “And I can get angry.” He added, though, […]