Stoltenberg ran into some critics

Some of the arguably harshest criticism to be lodged yet against the former government of Labour Party leader Jens Stoltenberg came just as speculation continued to swirl around his candidacy for the top spot at NATO. After nearly two weeks of accolades, Stoltenberg encountered critics on that front, too. With Norwegian media continuing to hail […]

Parliament slams Mongstad failure

Parliament slammed the former Stoltenberg government’s handling of full-scale carbon capture and storage plans at Statoil’s Mongstad plant on Norway’s west coast, in a damning report delivered on Thursday. Billions were spent on the emission reduction plans but no agreement was ever reached, and the project was dumped when the government was voted out last […]

Stoltenberg grilled over Mongstad

NEWS ANALYSIS: Former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg failed to deliver on his vision of full-scale carbon capture at Statoil’s controversial Mongstad plant on Norway’s west coast. He was unrepentant under tough questioning in Parliament this week and now faces, as one local commentator wrote on Tuesday, a full-scale scandal. Stoltenberg, who was just appointed as […]

Politicking delayed Mongstad retreat

Oil & Energy Minister Ola Borten Moe of the Center Party reportedly decided as early as last spring that the government needed to cut its losses and drop its full-scale carbon capture plans at the Mongstad refinery and power plant on Norway’s west coast. That set off a quarrel among the government coalition parties, though, […]

‘Moon landing’ crashes for Jens

Outgoing Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg logged one of the biggest failures of his political career on Friday when his government had to announce that its long-hyped full-scale carbon capture plans at Statoil’s Mongstad gas plant were being shelved. Stoltenberg had famously likened the plans to the equivalent of a Norwegian “moon landing,” but it never […]

Critics blast government’s bombs

Norway’s left-center government unleashed two environmental bombs within 24 hours of each other this week, timed to explode when millions of Norwegians are both distracted and cheered by the Nordic World Ski Championships (Ski-VM) going on in Oslo. Now not only will controversial overhead power masts be built in Hardanger, but the long-awaited carbon capture […]

EU beats Norway on carbon capture

The European Union (EU) is moving forward with several carbon capture and storage projects that are likely to be operable before the Norwegian government’s own much-vaunted carbon capture project finally cranks up. That means the EU may beat Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on one of his most prestigious projects. Stoltenberg wanted his government to be […]

‘Moon landing’ faces more delays

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s much-hyped “moon landing,” which is what he called Norway’s effort to fully recapture carbon emissions at Norwegian power plants, won’t happen any time soon. More concerns over health issues and technological challenges mean problems are lining up. News emerged this week that Stoltenberg had been warned against using the “moon landing” […]