Woman attacked by deformed moose

The Norwegian moose is normally rather shy, but a woman in Northern Norway had a close call with a fully grown male that was nothing short of an attack — spurred, perhaps, by a deformity that clearly plagued him. Ann Elene Johansen from Kvaløya, outside Tromsø, told her story to newspaper Nordlyson Tuesday, and it didn’t […]

Nursing home evacuated after moose bursts through window

Residents of a nursing home in the mountain town of Ål, Buskerud County, had a surprising and frightening visit Wednesday morning from a moose that crashed its way through a window into a patient’s room. The room’s resident fortunately had left to go eat breakfast, reported Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), but suddenly a moose was on […]

Moose blood left on the roads, to scare motorists

Wildlife authorities in Hedmark County are resorting to scare tactics in an effort to cut the number of traffic accidents involving motorists and moose. Fully 225 moose and deer have been run down on Hedmark roads just since December 1, report local police, and the authorities are frustrated that motorists aren’t slowing down when they […]

Moose lands inside camping trailer

A family’s car collided with a moose outside Bjorli in Oppland County Wednesday, and the impact of the crash flung the moose over the car and right into the camping trailer they were pulling. Others arriving at the scene found the moose with its head hanging out the smashed window of the trailer, which was […]

Moose pays high price for chasing men up a tree

Steinar Holst Nilsen was out walking his dog near the airport at Brønnøysund in northern Norway last week when an ill-tempered moose went on the attack. Nilsen says he didn’t have a chance at running away, so there was only one thing to do: Climb the nearest tree. Quickly. “The moose was charging towards me,” […]

Moose on the loose in Harstad

It’s spring, and that means many moose mothers are busy sending last year’s calves off on their own, while they prepare to give birth to this year’s offspring. Here’s a short photo series showing one moose family on the move up north. [flgallery id=2 /] This particular mother made an unlikely choice of grazing area: […]

Mama moose moves into Oslo garden

Trude Tømte and her family found themselves surrounded by a furry, living wall of very large animals when an entire moose family moved into their garden in an Oslo neighborhood in early March. The Tømte family lives in a house in Oslo’s Korsvoll district, which borders on the forest known as Nordmarka. They’re used to close […]