Woman attacked by deformed moose

The Norwegian moose is normally rather shy, but a woman in Northern Norway had a close call with a fully grown male that was nothing short of an attack — spurred, perhaps, by a deformity that clearly plagued him. Ann Elene Johansen from Kvaløya, outside Tromsø, told her story to newspaper Nordlyson Tuesday, and it didn’t […]

Moose eradicated to tackle ticks

An island off the coast of Fredrikstad that’s used for military exercises had a serious problem with ticks earlier this decade. Then a tick expert proposed hunting down all the moose on the island, and 18 were shot in 2003. Today there’s nary a tick to be found on the island of Rauøy, reports newspaper VG, […]

Agder moose suffer poor health

The poor moose. They have a tough time finding enough food, face being hunted every autumn. and now comes word that those in the counties of Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder have poorer health than moose in other parts of Norway. The Agder moose also have a higher mortality rate than moose elsewhere, reports Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). […]

Feeding stations aim to keep moose in the forest

City officials in Oslo are doing what they can to keep a hungry moose population from wandering into urban areas. Lately the authorities have once again been serving up hay bales for breakfast at secret moose feeding stations in the woods. Heavy snowfall has made the past winter even tougher than normal for the moose. […]