Hunting season draws thousands

With prospects bright for a better bird-hunting season this year, thousands of Norwegians were heading for the hills and forests this weekend. Thousands more have already been hunting for deer and wild reindeer, but it’s the grouse hunt that’s emerged as most prestigious. “Rolex and golf are out, now it’s the grouse hunt that’s the […]

Moose hunt goes online

Big game hunters in Norway are set to gain even more advantage over their prey as the country’s largest land owner, Statskog, starts using the Internet to cut red tape during hunting season. A concept called papirløs storviltjakt (paperless big game hunting) will be available to hunting parties on government-owned land, drastically reducing the paperwork needed […]

Rancher wants to shoot more moose

Norway’s growing moose population is damaging both pasture land and forests, claim landowners. One rancher in Buskerud County thinks half the moose population should be shot. Knut Bjella showed a crew from Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) how his grazing lands and forest attached to his property, Bjørke Gård in Hole, have been damaged by hungry moose […]

Oslo moose hunt underway

Hikers and cyclists had best be a bit wary while wandering around in the hills and forests surround Oslo these days. The annual moose hunt is underway, with authorities granting permission to hunters to shoot 234 of the huge yet gracious animals. While hunting season for smaller animals runs all autumn, the moose hunt in […]

Moose hunt looms, and it’s expensive

It’s been fairly quiet for awhile on the moose news front in Norway, but soon the forests will be anything but. Hunting season gets underway on Friday and more than 50,000 rifle-toting enthusiasts are expected to start spreading out in the woods all over the country. All told, reports newspaper Aftenposten, they’ll probably collect around […]

Moose eradicated to tackle ticks

An island off the coast of Fredrikstad that’s used for military exercises had a serious problem with ticks earlier this decade. Then a tick expert proposed hunting down all the moose on the island, and 18 were shot in 2003. Today there’s nary a tick to be found on the island of Rauøy, reports newspaper VG, […]