Radical Muslim activist arrested after making death threats

A Muslim demonstrator who sparked controversy over the weekend, for warning that a major terrorist attack could occur in Norway, was arrested in Larvik on Wednesday after making threats, but later released by police. Officials at state intelligence agency PST confirmed Thursday that they’re keeping an eye on Mohyeldeen Mohammad, however. He said in an […]

As muslim tensions rise, researchers probe ‘morality police’

A professor at the University of Oslo has suggested that more information is needed as to who, exactly, makes up the so-called Muslim ‘morality police’ that harasses fellow Muslims and others on the streets of Oslo’s Grønland district, and may be behind a rise in radical Islamic views in Norway. She won immediate support from […]

No mention of 'morality police' in the mosque, despite outcry

Public debate continues over reports of some Muslims’ efforts to impose their own codes of conduct on others in Oslo, and imams in local mosques were asked by the leader of Norway’s Islamic Council to take up the issue in Friday prayers. None did, however, claiming they didn’t want to cause any offense. Incidents of […]

Outcry over Muslim ‘morality police’

One of Oslo’s most multi-cultural neighborhoods, Grønland, has suddenly emerged as an area far from the ideals of cultural and religious tolerance. Many immigrants claim it’s “more Muslim” than the countries they left, and newspaper Aftenposten reports that both they and others face harassment on the streets if they don’t conform to a code of […]