New motorcycle club worries police

Expansion of the international motorcycle club Satudarah into the Oslo area has put police on the alert, and prompted them to spread warnings about it. Police claim Satudarah “is most known for being engaged in crime, violence and weapons, less for motorcycle riding,” and they fear the club will recruit minority youth to expand a […]

Appeals court upholds Hells Angels convictions

An appeals court in Northern Norway declared seven out of eight convicts tied to  the Hells Angels motorcycle club in Norway guilty as charged after being prosecuted for narcotics violations as part of an organized crime unit. The case has marked the first time that Norwegian police and prosecutors have won convictions using a so-called […]

Hells Angels win back their clubhouse

The Oslo chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle club won a court battle on Wednesday against the Oslo police, which had seized the property last week in a commando-style raid. The court ruled that the raid and physical expulsions of five members were illegal. Police were ordered to explain why they raided the controversial clubhouse […]

Police raid Hells Angels headquarters

Armed police backed by the special commando unit known as Beredskapstroppen and police dogs raided the Oslo headquarters of the Hells Angels motorcycle club at Alnabru Wednesday. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the police seized the property where Hells Angels Norway has its clubhouse. Crime technicians were also along on the raid, which NRK reported […]

Mafia law snares Hells Angels bikers

A Norwegian court has convicted eight individuals tied to the Hells Angels motorcycle club on narcotics charges, using, for the first time, Norway’s so-called “mafia paragraph” in the law. It went on the books in 2003 as a means of fighting organized crime. The club itself wasn’t charged in the case that ran for six […]

Men tied to Hells Angels go on trial

The largest narcotics trial in the history of northern Norway got underway in Tromsø this week, with all eight defendants linked to the motorcycle club Hells Angels. Club spokesman Ove Høyland, however, is among the defendants denying any connections to a major drug seizure that prosecutors charge is part of organized narcotics trafficking from Oslo […]

Hell’s Angels raided, leader arrested

Police raided several locations around Norway on Wednesday and arrested the man they believe is the leader of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club, in what Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) called a major narcotics crackdown. All told, nine persons were taken into custody, charged with drug violations. “This action is tied to central members of the Hell’s […]

Hell’s Angels gathering ends peacefully

They weren’t exactly angelic, but even Oslo police said they were pleased after hundreds of members of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club ended a major gathering and some anniversary parties over the weekend. Police were out in full force in Oslo’s Alnabru and Helsfyr districts, after around 500 bikers rode into town from all over […]

Hell’s Angels head for Oslo

As many as 300 members of the motorcycle club Hell’s Angels are expected to descend on Oslo from all over Europe this weekend, to take part in the Oslo chapter’s 15th anniversary celebrations. Police are gearing up for the event but wouldn’t initially say whether they will deny Hell’s Angels members entry into Norway, as […]

Hells Angels ask court for protection

Around 20 foreign members of the motorcycle club and alleged organized crime group Hells Angels (HA) have begun legal proceedings to ensure that Norwegian authorities do not arrest them when they travel to an event in Stavanger, south-west Norway, during the coming weeks. The members from Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg – including HA Denmark leader […]