Hells Angels ‘leader’ jailed

One of the suspected leader’s of the motorcycle club Hells Angels, which is alleged to engage in organized criminal activity in Norway, has been jailed for four years and nine months for drug dealing and robbery. Fifty one year-old Leif Kristiansen was found guilty of masterminding a large haul of marijuana, of which he delivered […]

Motorcycle gangs expand territory

The four motorcycle gangs most active in Norway – Hells Angels, Bandidos, Outlaws and Coffin Cheaters – are growing and represent a “serious social problem” in the country through organized crime, claims a new police report. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported this week that the internationally infamous so-called “clubs” have seen their membership double in the last […]

Concerns gear up over ‘MC clubs’

Norwegian police are growing increasingly worried about the sheer number of motorcycle clubs in the country, their ties to crime and their expansion. Hells Angels remains the largest, but the Outlaws is growing the fastest, and police fear they’ll clash. Norwegian newspapers and broadcast outlets have suddenly been peppered with stories about what they alternatively […]