Murder charges dropped against ex-neo-Nazi

Police in Oslo no longer think that a 55-year-old former neo-Nazi who once was convicted of murders in Hadeland was also responsible for the murder of a 39-year-old man in the valley of Maridalen last month. Johnny Olsen remains charged, however, with desecrating a corpse. The smoldering remains of the 39-year-old were found by hikers […]

Ex-neo-Nazi held in new grisly murder

A 55-year-old former neo-Nazi convicted in the execution-style Hadeland murders in 1983, has been arrested again and charged with murdering and burning the body of a new victim on Wednesday. Johnny Olsen, who later changed his name, has denied the charges against him, but the Oslo City Court ordered that he be held in custody […]

Martine’s family still seeking justice

It’s been 10 years since Martine Vik Magnussen, a 23-year-old student from an affluent Norwegian family, was found raped and murdered in London. The only suspect, her classmate Farouk Abdulhak with whom she’d been seen leaving a London nightclub, fled the UK before police could arrest him. Now both her family and Scotland Yard are appealing […]

Trial begins in prostitute’s murder

A 26-year-old Norwegian man from Hamar claimed he acted in self-defense when he stabbed Bulgarian prostitute Galina Sandeva to death in Oslo on December 16, 2015. He claimed when his trial began on Tuesday that he had bought the knife he used as a Christmas gift for his father. Sandeva’s body was found on the […]

Murder rate falls to a 44-year low

A total of 23 people were murdered in Norway last year, the lowest number since 1971, when 22 people were killed. The low murder rate means the risk of being killed in Norway is just one-tenth of that in the US, and much lower than that in many other countries. New figures from state police agency KRIPOS […]

Police seek to reassure public

UPDATED: Two fatal stabbings on the streets of Oslo Wednesday morning set off a massive response by police and resulted in the arrest of an alleged assailant within a few hours. Security was already high in connection with this week’s Nobel Peace Prize events in Oslo, and police were clearly keen to reassure the public that […]

Woman’s body found in Trondheim river

Police confirmed a body found in Trondheim’s Nidelva river on Tuesday was Vibeche Sofie Falck Danielsen, who’d been missing for five days. Two people were charged with murder or being an accessory to murder, and two others were charged with destruction of evidence. Divers found Danielsen’s body on the riverbed under boats moored at a […]

Bus murder report critical of handling

A report investigating police handling of a triple murder on a bus near Årdal last November has found several critical flaws in the emergency response. The review found that while getting their faster wouldn’t have saved lives, the operations centre was understaffed, police should have had better access to weapons, and the responsibility lies with […]

Partner murders set off alarms

Police are calling this year the worst ever for partner murders in Norway, with more committed since January than in any full prior year. Experts, alarmed by the increase, are asking how these murders can occur in Norway, one of the most sexually equal countries in the world. Police launched their 13th investigation into a […]

Suspect finally admits to kidnapping

A 28-year-old taxi driver in Oslo who’s been held in police custody since early February has finally admitted that he was involved in the kidnapping of a young woman in Bærum who later was found murdered. He still denies, though, that he had anything to do with her killing. Both he and a 25-year-old man […]