Bus murder report critical of handling

A report investigating police handling of a triple murder on a bus near Årdal last November has found several critical flaws in the emergency response. The review found that while getting their faster wouldn’t have saved lives, the operations centre was understaffed, police should have had better access to weapons, and the responsibility lies with […]

Partner murders set off alarms

Police are calling this year the worst ever for partner murders in Norway, with more committed since January than in any full prior year. Experts, alarmed by the increase, are asking how these murders can occur in Norway, one of the most sexually equal countries in the world. Police launched their 13th investigation into a […]

Suspect finally admits to kidnapping

A 28-year-old taxi driver in Oslo who’s been held in police custody since early February has finally admitted that he was involved in the kidnapping of a young woman in Bærum who later was found murdered. He still denies, though, that he had anything to do with her killing. Both he and a 25-year-old man […]

US enters murdered student’s case

Family and friends of a Norwegian student murdered in London two years ago now hope that American involvement in the case will help them win the justice they seek. The main suspect has a US passport, and thus may finally be forced to face trial. Martine Vik Magnussen was found murdered in the basement of […]

Flight attendant’s murderer turns himself in

A 58-year-old man from Romania turned himself in to police in Malmø, Sweden on Wednesday, saying he had killed a Norwegian flight attendant for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) in Copenhagen the day before. “He came in around 4:30pm and said he had taken the life of a woman in Denmark, and that he was the man […]

SAS flight attendant killed in Copenhagen

A Norwegian flight attendant for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) was found dead in her hotel room in Copenhagen on Tuesday. Danish police believe she was murdered. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that the 42-year-old mother of two teenagers had spent the night in Copenhagen because she was scheduled to work on an intercontinental SAS flight leaving from Copenhagen […]

Thousands gather for funeral of woman kidnapped, murdered

An estimated 3,000 mourners filled an Oslo mosque on Friday to pay their last respects to Faiza Ashraf. The body of the 26-year-old woman, kidnapped in suburban Oslo earlier this month, was found on Thursday, and police have her confessed murderer and another suspect under arrest. Ashraf’s body was found in a forest area near […]

New effort to get justice for murdered student

The father of a Norwegian student who was raped and murdered in London nearly two years ago is continuing his efforts to obtain justice for his daughter. Odd Petter Magnussen attended a coroner’s inquest in London this week, held a press conference with the Scotland Yard inspector on the case and led a torchlit parade […]

New arrest in mysterious kidnapping

Police in Asker and Bærum, just west of Oslo, have continued to investigate the mysterious kidnapping of a young Pakistani-Norwegian woman abducted from a bus stop at Høvik last week. They’ve mostly been stumped, but on Friday police arrested a 25-year-old man who they think actually seized the woman and stuffed her into the trunk […]

Human drama behind Torshov murder

Police initially thought they had a teenage murder on their hands. Now it appears the victim was much older, but his death in a public housing project in Oslo’s Torshov district last week still meant the end of a relatively short and dramatic life. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) issued several reports last Thursday citing police information […]