Artist Nerdrum settles with his art institute

Odd Nerdrum, the Norwegian artist who has been embroiled in legal conflict in recent years, has settled a dispute with the institute he established, The Nerdrum Institute. The institute was set up in 2009, mostly to market Nerdrum’s work. It was supposed to sell Nerdrum’s paintings worldwide, in return for a 50 percent commission. Sales failed to […]

Nerdrum finally wins in court

Odd Nerdrum, the Norwegian artist who’s been caught in a string of legal battles over the past few years, could finally claim a victory this week. A local court in Larvik has acquitted him of charges that he illegally broke a contract with three former partners of The Nerdrum Institute. The institute was set up […]

High court rejects Nerdrum’s appeal

Norway’s Supreme Court has decided not to hear an appeal by Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum, who was convicted on tax evasion charges. That means the 70-year-old artist will need to serve his jail term of one year and eight months, with just eight months of his sentence suspended. Nerdrum had fought long and hard to avoid […]

Artist Nerdrum defends himself again

Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum was back in court on Wednesday, this time defending himself against a lawsuit filed by three art experts whom Nerdrum had appointed five years ago to lead The Nerdrum Institute. They’re suing him for compensation after he abruptly dissolved their partnership in 2011. The Nerdrum Institute was set up to help Nerdrum and his wife, […]

Artist Nerdrum must serve jail time

An appeals court in Oslo has upheld Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum’s conviction for tax evasion, but reduced his sentence and the extent of the evasion that Nerdrum has consistently denied. The 70-year-old artist must still serve a year in custody. The court (Borgarting lagmannsrett) has now sentenced Nerdrum to one year and eight months in prison, […]

Artist Nerdrum loses appeal

Odd Nerdrum, the contemporary Norwegian artist charged and convicted of tax evasion, has lost his appeal of an audit carried out by Skatt øst, the tax authority in Oslo for southeastern Norway. He had filed a civil lawsuit over the audit, lost in the city court and now has also lost in the appeals court […]

Nerdrum finally scores legal victory

Norway’s famed contemporary artist Odd Nerdrum finally had a good day in court this week, with his defense attorney predicting that Nerdrum now may avoid jail after all, and be acquitted of the serious tax evasion charges filed against him. Nerdrum’s first victory came when the Norwegian Supreme Court (Høyesterett) nullified his conviction and prison […]

Nerdrum lost in court again

Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum has, for the third time, lost a court case in which he’s tried to defend himself against tax evasion charges. This time, the court in Oslo rejected Nerdrum’s demand that it overturn the state authorities’ tax claim. Nerdrum, age 68, was earlier sentenced to prison for tax evasion by both the […]

Artist Odd Nerdrum fights back

UPDATED: Norway’s most famous contemporary artist, Odd Nerdrum, was back in an Oslo courtroom on Monday, armed with new documentation in a case that he has brought against Norwegian tax authorities.  The documentation was dug up by newspaper Dagbladet, which claims it wasn’t included in the state’s own tax evasion case against the artist earlier […]

Nerdrum wins fight over farm

Embattled Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum finally got some good news this week: His legal battle against partners in The Nerdrum Institute he set up just a few years ago has gone in his favour after they lost a claim to his farm in Stavern. Newspaper Dagbladet ruled that an appeals court in Agder decided that […]