Nine jailed after crackdown on crime

Not only was a former member of the NOKAS robbery gang back in prison this week, so were eight other men after police carried out a series of coordinated raids early Monday. The former boss of the Bandidos motorcycle club, Lars Harnes, was also in custody, and police think they’ve warded off major drug dealing […]

NOKAS convict arrested again

Several suspects with lengthy criminal records, including one who recently was released from prison after serving time in the huge NOKAS heist 11 years ago, were back under arrest this week. They were being held in custody after police staged major drug raids at various locations around southeastern Norway (Østlandet). Police also seized large quantities of narcotics […]

NOKAS robber won’t be released

Kjell A Schumann, whose long criminal record climaxed 10 years ago with the commando-style robbery of a NOKAS currency depot in Stavanger, won’t be released from prison early after all. An appeals court turned down his request last week for parole. Schumann, who killed a Stavanger police officer during a gun battle on the street […]

NOKAS parole appeal case begins

A parole hearing began on Tuesday for Kjell Alrich Schumann, the man sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of a policeman during Norway’s biggest ever robbery. Schumann told the Eidsivating appeals court in Hamar that he had given up his criminal ways, and was ready for a fresh start. Schumann was one […]

Court agrees to release NOKAS robber who also killed veteran police officer

A local court in Trondheim  agreed on Monday that Kjell Alrich Schumann, who killed a police officer after taking part in Norway’s biggest robbery ever, has met conditions for early release from prison. The court thinks it’s okay for Schumann to be released on probation after serving 10 years of his 16-year sentence. Schumann, who […]

Prosecutors fight early prison release

Kjell Aldrich Schumann, who had a long criminal record before he was convicted as a mastermind of Norway’s largest currency heist ever, claimed in a Trondheim courtroom this week that he’s “a new person” now and should be released early from prison. His plea comes at a time when prosecutors are trying to stiffen Norway’s […]

Court convicts last of NOKAS robbers

A city court in Stavanger sentenced the last of those arrested in Norway’s biggest robbery ever to nine years in prison on Wednesday. Defendant Jusuf Hani had fled to Macedonia and it took police five years to get him into custody. Hani was among the group of robbers who stormed the NOKAS currency depot in […]