Northug told to cut out poker

Professional skier Petter Northug is usually off playing poker in major tournaments at this time of year, but not any more. Newspaper Adresseavisen reports that he was ordered by his main sponsor, grocery store chain Coop, to drop his controversial poker playing after he got into drunk-driving trouble two years ago. “I don’t play poker […]

Northug wasn’t dumped after all

Conflicts were far from over after Norway’s national skiing federation announced it finally had come to terms with skier Petter Northug during the weekend. State broadcaster NRK’s expert commentator claimed Northug pretty much got his way in the end, giving him arguably preferential treatment so he’ll ski for Norway, while a few nagging issues still […]

Northug quietly served his time

Top Norwegian skier Petter Northug, disgraced in a drunk-driving accident last year, disclosed this week that he’s already finished serving his detention time by wearing an ankle cuff that restricted his movements for 50 days this spring. He also paid a fine of NOK 185,000 (USD 24,000). “I’ve taken my punishment, I’m finished with that,” Northug told […]

Northug’s tears of joy and relief

He’s back. Cross-country skier Petter Northug said he’d never felt such a sense of relief and accomplishment as when he crossed the finish line first in the opening event of the Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden on Thursday. After a year of poor performances that bottomed out with drunk driving last spring, Northug showed […]

Northug can train during ‘jail time’

Disgraced Norwegian skier Petter Northug has been allowed to serve his prison sentence for drunk driving by wearing an electronic ankle cuff that will restrict his movements but allow him to keep training. He’ll need to wear the ankle cuff for the full 50 days of his sentence next autumn, but apparently won’t have to spend any time in […]

‘Ashamed’ skier sentenced to jail

Norway’s champion skier Petter Northug was ordered to spend 50 days in jail and fined NOK 185,000 after he confessed in court on Thursday to all charges tied to his drunk-driving spree in Trondheim last spring. His full confession helped win him less jail time than prosecutors had demanded. “It’s been a tough day,” Northug told reporters after his court […]

Northug’s legal problems worsen

Norwegian skier Petter Northug, still facing prosecution for his drunk-driving spree last spring, now may need to spend even more time in court. His former management company is suing him for compensation after he pulled out of the three-year contract he signed with it last year. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Monday that the company, called […]

Coop will uphold Northug deal

Troubled Norwegian cross country skier Petter Northug was relieved on Thursday, after grocery chain Coop decided to uphold their sponsorship deal. Northug’s future looked shaky after he crashed his car while driving drunk earlier this month, but Coop agreed to continue the deal after Northug said he would cut ties with his management team. “Our […]

Northug cuts ties with support team

Norwegian cross-country skiing champion Petter Northug has fired his entire coaching and management team at the behest of his major sponsor, supermarket and hardware chain Coop. Northug’s sponsorship deals and his entire skiing career had been thrown into doubt after he capped off a lacklustre season and disappointing Olympic campaign with a serious drunk driving […]

Northug lied to police over crash

Disgraced cross-country skiing star Petter Northug has told reporters that he and a friend were so drunk after a night of partying that they thoughtlessly went driving, and then he panicked and fled after crashing his car through a safety barrier. On Monday night, a tearful Northug gave his own version of events surrounding the […]