Immigration falls, population stalls

Norway took in the lowest number of immigrants in 12 years last year, as population growth fell as well. The country had a total of 5,328,000 residents as of January 1, according to new numbers from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). SSB reported that Norway’s population rose by just 32,000 people in 2018. That’s […]

More foreigners denied citizenship

The number of people denied Norwegian citizenship has increased, as authorities rejected more people for lying about their identity or submitting fake papers. Almost 13,000 immigrants were granted citizenship last year, while 341 applications were knocked back. “We have a strong focus on clarifying identity, particularly in relation to citizenship,” Karl Erik Sjøholt from the […]

Norwegians pull together again

WITH VIDEO FROM NRK: In another enormous show of solidarity, an estimated 40,000 people braved cold, pouring rain to show up at a central square in Oslo on Thursday and sing a song that the man on trial for last summer’s terrorist attacks had derided. They took revenge with roses, in what the clearly impressed […]