Council clears talk show host Skavlan

The Norwegian broadcasting council that handles press complaints decided against issuing any formal criticism of talk show host Fredrik Skavlan on Thursday, despite being faced with a record number of complaints against him. The council (Kringkastingsrådet) had received more than 3,600 complaints over an interview Skavlan conducted just before Easter with Jimmie Åkesson, the controversial leader of Sweden’s […]

Hopes dim for new season of ‘Lilyhammer’

The hit Norwegian TV series Lilyhammer may have ended with its third season. “I haven’t heard anything about a fourth season,” the show’s star, Steven Van Zandt, told Norway’s business newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). Van Zandt definitely would have, if plans were in the works for another season of the popular series in which he […]

Norwegians thirst for ‘Heavy Water’

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) set yet another record on Sunday evening, when 1.2 million viewers sat down in front of their televisions to watch the latest episode of a series entitled “Kampen om tungtvannet” (literally, “The Battle for Heavy Water.”) It’s the latest dramatization of one of the most heroic sabotage actions in Norway during World War II, […]

Classic TV sketch drew record viewers

Norwegians plunked themselves down in record numbers this year to watch a TV comedy sketch that’s always shown on state broadcaster NRK on “Lille julaften” (Little Christmas Eve, December 23). Half of the country’s entire population watched the 18-minute show about an aging countess celebrating her 9oth birthday with her equally aging butler and four absent friends. The show, […]

Future unclear for new ‘Lilyhammer’

As the last episode in the third season of the Norwegian TV series Lilyhammer was set to air on state broadcaster NRK1 Wednesday night, uncertainty flew over whether there will be a fourth season. NRK, which launched the hit series, landed in a conflict with both the show’s producers and Netflix, the international streaming service that paid for a large chunk […]

Choir marathon topped ratings

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s decision to air 60 hours of choir-singing in a row during the weekend ended up attracting around 2 million viewers during the course of the marathon broadcast. Not bad, in a country of just 5 million people. Around 87,000 viewers turned in at any one time, NRK reported on Tuesday as ratings […]

Norway’s ‘TV chef’ hailed at age 90

Ingrid Espelid Hovig was the Julia Child of Norway, teaching Norwegian housewives and quite a few men how to cook on her legendary TV program Fjernsynskjøkkenet (literally, The Television Kitchen). On Tuesday she turned 90, and was hosted at a festive state luncheon by Norway’s Minister of Health, Bent Høie, and one of the country’s […]

Ratings fell for Eurovision show

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s annual televised Eurovision Song Contest qualifier, called Melodi Grand Prix, failed to drum up as much viewer interest this year. Around 755,000 tuned in for Saturday’s final, down from 975,000 last year. Ratings were only half of what they were in 2009, when violin-playing Alexander Rybak pulled in more than 1.5 million, […]

Eurovision finalists tune up to win

Nine performers were plucked out of three semi-finals for Norway’s annual Eurovision Song Contest qualifier over the weekend. A salesman for a glass firm in Bergen received the most votes at Sunday’s competition, according to state broadcaster NRK, which produces the show. Carl Espen Thorbjørnsen had already been declared a favourite to win not only […]

NRK airs slimmer Eurovision run-up

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) has dramatically reduced its formerly flamboyant run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest, known as “Melodi Grand Prix.” Instead of touring the country over a series of weekends, all three semi-finals were to be broadcast live from Oslo this weekend. The final will be held next weekend, with the winner bound for Eurovision […]