Nuclear reactor’s fate unclear

Norway’s nuclear reactor at Kjeller northeast of Oslo may be shut down on a permanent basis. A safety check revealed serious damage to the reactor, which dates from 1951. The reactor, originally built for research purposes, is the last of Norway’s two reactors after operations at the Halden reactor ended last year. Both have been […]

Reactor’s shutdown won’t halt research

After an embarrassing release of the news before an official decision was in place, the board of Norway’s Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) has confirmed that it would permanently close the Halden Reactor. As environmental organizations cheered the decision, the board stressed that IFE will continue its nuclear research activities, concentrating on those that do […]

Russia gives in to Norway’s demands

Russian authorities are now promising that a highly controversial floating nuclear power plant won’t have used radioactive fuel on board while it’s being transported through the Baltic and all along Norway’s long coastline north to Murmansk next year. Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende is relieved. “This is in line with the requests of Norwegian authorities regarding […]

Norway ‘shamed’ over ‘nuclear nod’

Opponents of nuclear weapons were claiming that Norway should be ashamed of itself, for once again failing last week to support a UN resolution to ban them. Another 123 countries had already agreed to negotiate a “legally binding instrument to forbid nuclear weapons.” Norway instead joined the US, Russia, Great Britain, France and 33 other countries in voting […]

Norway objects to floating nuke plant

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende, backed by other Nordic leaders, is demanding answers from Russian authorities over its plans to tow a floating nuclear power station by barge from St Petersburg through the Baltic and Kattegat and all along Norway’s coast to Murmansk in the far north. Protests over the shipment mark another rise in tensions between […]

Norway blasted over UN nuclear vote

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende was roundly criticized this week after his delegation at the United Nations refused to vote on two UN resolutions against nuclear weapons and voted against a third. Opposition politicians and anti-nuclear activists were disappointed, but not surprised. “I think Norway voted wrongly,” declared Bård Vegar Solhjell, a Member of Parliament and […]

Part of Sellafield nuclear plant closes

Part of the British nuclear energy plant Sellafield is to be closed down as a consequence of the after-effects of the Fukushima incident in Japan earlier this year. Although 600 British jobs were lost, many organizations in Norway have welcomed the move given concerns about the carriage of nuclear waste from the plant by ocean […]

Russia admits nuclear weaknesses

Russia’s atomic energy agency Rosatom has admitted that Russia’s nuclear power plants are seriously underprepared to deal with a natural disaster on the scale of the recent earthquake in Japan – confirming Norwegian fears over northern Russian power stations considered a threat to Norway. Newspaper Aftenposten reported over the weekend that a report authored by […]

Sellafield terror worries minister

The Norwegian environment and international development minister has expressed concern over the fallout for Norway of a potential terror attack on the British nuclear power facility Sellafield, after five men were arrested outside the plant earlier this week. Erik Solheim, the environment minister and a representative for the Socialist Left Party, has expressed fears that […]

Chernobyl fallout still felt in Norway

Fallout from the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant continues to affect Norwegian farmers 25 years later, as environmental organizations demanded that the government do more to help efforts to secure remaining vulnerable reactors in both Chernobyl and northern Russia. Emissions of radioactive material from the Ukrainian nuclear facility began on April 26 1986, […]