Corona found in 22 Oslo nursing homes

More than 4,100 people live permanently or temporarily in Oslo’s 43 nursing homes and care centers, and Corona infection has been found in just over half of them. They’ve now been closed to all visitors after at least 27 residents tested positive as of late last week. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that the residents most likely […]

Visits restricted at hospitals, nursing homes

Only family of elderly patients who are dying are allowed visits, after nursing homes and many hospitals imposed new restrictions during the weekend. Not even the wife of one man was allowed into his care facility, for fear of the Corona virus spreading. Elderly patients and those with chronic health problems are the most vulnerable […]

Alarms ring at nursing homes

Violence has become all too common at Norway’s 942 nursing homes, most of them publicly owned and operated. They house around 40,000 elderly Norwegians, 80 percent of whom suffer from severe dementia but can still be physically strong. That’s resulting in widespread violence that’s been charted and reported by newspaper Aftenposten for the first time. […]

Elder care under constant threat

Norway’s local municipal governments (kommuner) are charged with providing elder care and nursing home services, and many like Oslo have been imposing property tax in order to shore up the funding they receive from the state. Services nonetheless continue to decline in line with cost-cutting, and both providers and taxpayers are feeling betrayed. In Oslo, […]

Elderly drown their sorrows in drinks

As Norway enters what many refer to as its traditional stille uke (quiet week) tied to the Easter holidays, the week can be dangerously quiet for the country’s elderly. Efforts to contain nursing home expenses mean many now live alone at home well into their 80s, with limited assistance, and loneliness is a growing problem that’s […]

Sveaas treated elderly to wine

Norwegian financier and investor Christen Sveaas once again shared some of his wealth during the Christmas holiday season, donating wine to 11 nursing homes around Oslo, to spread some cheer to their elderly residents. The funds for the wine come from the charitable fund Sveaas set up in 1990 in honor of his father, lawyer […]

Nursing home discount draws mixed reaction

Norway’s incoming conservative government is promising a discount for nursing home residents who get placed in double rooms instead of getting a room of their own. The state retirees’ association isn’t impressed, fearing that it will extend delays in securing private rooms for all nursing home residents. While there’s no charge for hospital care in […]

Labour youth unhappy that Labour minister halted nursing home strike

Labour Minister Hanne Bjurstrøm intervened on Wednesday in an ongoing strike by workers at privately run nursing homes. She claimed the strike was imperiling the health and lives of nursing home residents, but her own party’s youth group objected. Bjurstrøm’s decision to halt the month-long strike, by workers demanding the same, higher pension benefits as […]