Obama banner stolen

US President Barack Obama is a popular man in Norway, but the Nobel Peace Center wishes his fans would stop stealing its banners carrying his image. For the second time, a banner hung outside the center to promote an Obama exhibition inside has disappeared. Newspaper Aften reports that the latest Obama image was stolen some time […]

Obama costs under budget

Security arrangements tied to US President Barack Obama’s visit in December weren’t as high as state police had feared. When news broke that Obama would be traveling to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010, concerns rose that his visit would be expensive for Norwegian taxpayers. The Oslo Police District mounted a budget […]

Michelle Obama gives Oleana a boost

Norwegian clothing firm Oleana is enjoying a boost in demand for its sweaters and other apparel, after word got out that US First Lady Michelle Obama took no less than four Oleana sweaters home with her after being in Oslo to see her husband win the Nobel Peace Prize. Michelle Obama has become a fashion […]

Historic Nobel visit comes to an end

New Nobel Laureate Barack Obama and US First Lady Michelle Obama left Oslo Friday morning after just a brief exchange of farewells with the leaders of the Nobel Institute outside Air Force One. The city was returning to normal after the biggest security operation the Norwegian capital had ever seen. Work crews were already dismantling […]

Stoltenberg defends Obama's prize

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg firmly defended the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s decision to award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama. While Obama himself said others may be more deserving than himself, Stoltenberg claimed the prize was “well-deserved” indeed. “In my opinion, (Obama’s) Nobel Peace Prize is very well-deserved,” Stoltenberg told reporters […]

Obama 'slips' into town

Despite their best efforts it was difficult for gawkers to even catch a glimpse of US President Barack Obama as he arrived in Oslo for a hectic day of Nobel Peace Prize festivities. His massive motorcade headed quickly into town where he was driven up to the back entrance of the Nobel Institute, all but […]

Obama tackles Peace Prize critics

US President Barack Obama met his critics head-on while accepting his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Thursday, acknowledging the controversy surrounding the award before delivering a compelling analysis of the prospects for peace in the world. His speech sparked a long and loud standing ovation, led by members of Norway’s Royal Family. Obama is […]

Nobel Banquet: 'Dinner for sponsors'

Some senior members of the Norwegian Parliament were more than a little miffed on Thursday, after failing to get invitations to the annual Nobel Banquet at the Grand Hotel honoring the Peace Prize winner. Several felt they lost their spots to commercial sponsors of the Nobel Peace Center. “I have registered that this banquet has […]

Bhatti held during Obama's visit

Arfan Bhatti, charged but later acquitted of allegedly planning terrorist attacks on the US and Israeli embassies in Oslo, was back in police custody on Wednesday. He and an accomplice were arrested on alleged weapons violations and can be held for 72 hours, until after US President Barack Obama leaves town. Bhatti’s defense attorney, John […]

'Fortress Oslo' ready for Obama

Security fences and barricades are in place, foreign journalists are wandering around and thousands of police officers are in Oslo as Norway’s capital welcomed Nobel Peace Prize winner and US President Barack Obama on Thursday. The mood, despite all the uniforms and blocked streets, was surprisingly peaceful. Curious Norwegians joined tourists and visiting press corps […]