Jens gets 35 minutes with Obama

And Norway’s prime minister has been seeking advice about how to make the most of his precious half-hour with the most powerful man in the world. The climate and Afghanistan are likely topics, but Jens Stoltenberg and Norwegian politicians have several other things on their minds as well. Stoltenberg has been allotted a short meeting […]

Demonstrators to greet Obama

Air Force One is now due to land at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen at the end of the morning rush hour on Thursday. US President Barack Obama, heading for Oslo to collect his Nobel Peace Prize, may take a helicopter into town, where a busy program awaits along with demonstrators from around the world. […]

Oslo battens down the hatches

Security preparations are in full swing as Oslo police and US Secret Service personnel get ready to protect US President Barack Obama. He’ll arrive next week to accept the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, and crews are already busy removing all garbage cans downtown, sealing manhole covers in the streets and screening travelers from abroad. […]

Ambassador in place to greet Obama

The new US ambassador to Norway made the ceremonial trip up to the Royal Palace in Oslo on Thursday, to formally be received by King Harald V. Barry B White has arrived in Oslo just in time to see the president who nominated him receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Massive preparations are underway for what’s […]

Royal 'overnatting' for Obama

Norway’s King Harald has invited US President Barack Obama to spend the night, or two, at the Royal Palace in Oslo when Obama comes to accept his Nobel Peace Prize in December. Prize winners usually stay at Oslo’s Grand Hotel, but Obama’s overnight stay ( overnatting , in Norwegian) presents extraordinary security challenges.The Norwegian Nobel […]

Jagland firm on Nobel choice

Thorbjørn Jagland, head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, had to face a storm of criticism and even ridicule from home and abroad throughout the weekend, but held fast that US President Barack Obama was the right choice for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. The committee, Jagland said, was more afraid its prize could come too […]

Nobel Peace Prize for Obama

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama in Oslo on Friday, citing his “extraordinary contribution” to world hopes for more cooperation between governments and people. The award is already being called both stunning and controversial. The announcement set off immediate gasps, and later applause, from the crowd […]

Nobel committee defendsits Peace Prize for Obama

Reaction poured in immediately after the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced on Friday that it was awarding this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama. Committee chairman Thorbjørn Jagland said he understood that many were surprised the award would go to Obama so early in his term, but added that “no one has done […]

Obama accepts 'call to action'

US President Barack Obama said he will accept the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 as “a call to action,” noting that he was “both surprised and deeply humbled” to receive what many regard as the most prestigious award in the world. The Norwegian Nobel Committee stunned almost everybody when it made its announcement in Oslo […]

Oslo gears up to welcome Obama

It took awhile before it was confirmed that US President Barack Obama (photo) will actually come to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize he won on Friday. Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang was nonetheless ready to roll out the red carpet, while Police Chief Anstein Gjengedal wished he had more time to make security arrangements.White […]