Norwegians tune in to their oil history

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians have been hunkering down in front of their televisions, or clicking in online, this fall to watch a dramatic account of their homeland’s oil history unfold on state broadcaster NRK. Called Lykkeland (State of Happiness), NRK’s new TV series features vintage clothing and cars, culture clashes and a nostalgic look […]

Oil platform strike settled

Around 1,550 oil platform workers were heading back to their jobs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf on Thursday, after their nine-day strike was called off. Platform owners represented by the Norwegian Shipowners Association (Norges Rederiforbund) and workers represented by the labour organization Safe came to terms following state mediation. The settlement was said to be […]

Norway accused of discriminating against foreign North Sea divers

Oil industry divers who risked their lives in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea during the early days of Norway’s oil industry fought for years to win compensation for injuries they suffered. Claims filed by divers who weren’t Norwegian, however, have been consistently rejected because they weren’t members of Norway’s social welfare system, and now the […]