Dramatic drop in Oslo crime figures

In the first half of 2014, the number of crimes registered in Oslo dropped by 9.2 percent, 104 fewer robberies were reported, cases were resolved faster and incidences of pickpocketing dropped dramatically. There was also less violence, rape and murder, said Oslo police’s deputy chiefs when they presented the half-yearly review on Friday. Despite significant […]

NOKAS parole appeal case begins

A parole hearing began on Tuesday for Kjell Alrich Schumann, the man sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of a policeman during Norway’s biggest ever robbery. Schumann told the Eidsivating appeals court in Hamar that he had given up his criminal ways, and was ready for a fresh start. Schumann was one […]

Norway’s borders full of holes

The Norwegian Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen) slammed the customs service (Tollevesenet) in a report released on Thursday, saying drugs and money seizures were worryingly low, and the service did not spend enough time and resources on catching major players. Customs hit back on Friday, arguing way more staff were needed to meet the growing demands on […]

State contracts went to black market

Several recent government renovation contracts have ended up with subcontractors which have either been convicted or charged over links to money laundering networks. Police have been ordered to throw more resources into the pursuit of organized economic crime in the construction industry, but a report commissioned by the Police Directorate found Norwegian authorities are all […]

Huge banana crate cocaine bust

Norwegian Customs discovered 145 kilograms of cocaine in a shipment of South American bananas, the second biggest cocaine bust ever in Norway. The single cocaine seizure is as large as the total amount seized over the past three years, and has a street value of around NOK 50 million (USD 8.1 million). A sniffer dog […]

Police bust armed drug gang

UPDATED: Police in Oslo have revealed how they lured a group of armed, professional criminals to drive their drug-laden car right into a police trap earlier this year. The raid in early September netted about 170 kilograms of narcotics, more than NOK 1 million (USD 164,000) in cash and several guns. The smugglers used a […]

Identity, passport theft skyrockets

UPDATED: Norwegian authorities and even the police have been accused of failing to take identity crime seriously, as the number of people who’ve fallen victim to fraud has more than doubled in the past year. Meanwhile, more than 30,000 Norwegian passports have been reported lost or stolen so far in 2013, twice as many as […]