200-year-old ‘Børs’ basks amid bidding

The Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs) could mark its bicententennial on Monday by basking in both bright spring sunshine and enormous investor attention. At the ripe old age of 200, the exchange is still so active and attractive that international suitors are eagerly bidding to take it over. As newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported before […]

Dark day at Oslo’s Stock Exchange

The Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs) fell along with those all over the world on Tuesday. Heavy selling, believed to be spurred by prospects for higher interest rates, led to new records, but of the dubious sort. Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported a record number of trades, with the old record of 210,000 set on August […]

Oslo Stock Exchange defies oil price dive

Despite the economic turbulence in Norway that’s been fueled by the dive in oil prices, the Oslo Stock Exchange could report an overall increase of 5.6 percent in its main index when the trading year ended. The index closed at 610.26, marking the fourth year in a row of rising share prices. The increase was […]

Oslo Exchange logs busiest month ever

Never has there been so much share trading in Norway as there was last month. The Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs, OSE) sent out a report on Monday detailing its busiest month in history. The exchange reported that large swings in share prices also contributed to a new record in the number of trades in […]

Embassies warn citizens in Norway

Several embassies in Oslo have increased security and sent warnings to their citizens living in Norway, after authorities warned of a terror threat against Norway in the coming days. While embassies reacted, the stock market remained steady on Thursday. The embassies’ response was in line with other increased security measures throughout the country. The US […]

Government plans to sell off shares

Trade Minister Monica Mæland announced plans Thursday evening to greatly reduce the state’s ownership stakes in large Norwegian companies, starting with Telenor and Kongsberg Gruppen. She wants parliamentary permission to cut the state’s holdings in Telenor and Kongsberg from 54 and 50 percent respectively, to 34 percent. The stock sales could generate as much as […]

Statoil profits lift Oslo Stock Exchange

First-quarter profits reported by Norwegian state oil company Statoil on Tuesday were so strong, and better than expected, that they boosted the value not only of the company’s own shares but the index of the Oslo Stock Exchange. Statoil’s shares jumped 3.6 percent after just a half-hour of trading. The Oslo Stock Exchange’s index also […]

Technical issues close stock exchange

UPDATED: Technical problems left Norway’s stock exchange, the Oslo Børs, closed until 11 o’clock on Wednesday morning. Brokers did not think there would be significant consequences, because the trading day was scheduled to end at one o’clock anyway because of the Easter break. It was not the worst day for the problem to happen, because […]

Norwegian stock market soars

The Norwegian stock market (Oslo Børs) is toasting its best year since 2009, after the Benchmark Index rose 23.6 percent in 2013. Healthcare and IT companies were the star players, banking and insurance also performed well, while the end of year oil price remained steady in line with last year’s result. 2013 was also the […]

Heavy trading on Oslo exchange

The Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) recorded its highest volume so far this year on Tuesday, with shares worth a total of NOK 16.2 billion changing hands. Much of the volume was fueled by the sale of a large chunk of stock in industrial firm Norsk Hydro. Trading revenues have jumped in recent months, with a […]