Oslo stocks hit new all-time high

The Oslo Stock Exchange ended its trading day on Monday at its highest level ever, with its main index (Oslo Børs Hovedindeks) closing at 525.04. The previous record was 524.37, set back on July 19, 2007, before the finance crisis took hold the following year. The stock exchange’s OBX index, comprised of its 25 most […]

Interest rates unchanged as stocks fall

The Norwegian central bank, Norges Bank, has decided to hold interest rates at 2.25 percent in light of continuing global economic uncertainty, despite having originally planned further rises this autumn. Interests rates were raised to 2.25 percent on 12 May and the bank’s plans had predicted further rises at the end of 2011. Meanwhile, the […]

Stock Exchange rallies despite fears

Norwegians have begun predicting the possible consequences of the unfolding drama in international markets for the country, as the Oslo Stock Exchange itself put days of successive falls behind it to close trading up 1.06 points to 348.05 on Tuesday. The index fell dramatically at the start of trading but rallied quickly, boosted by a […]

Oslo Stock Exchange continues fall

The Oslo Stock Exchange’s main index fell by 5.65 percent to 344.39 by the end of trading on Monday, as turbulence in the international financial markets continued and predictions that a new financial crisis was on the way gathered pace. In step with other European indexes, the Oslo Stock Exchange rallied during the morning after […]

Stocks and oil fund take further hit

The Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) fell to a new low for the year on Friday despite promising unemployment figures from the USA, while the country’s sovereign wealth fund (often referred to as the “oil fund”) also suffered from the difficult international financial environment. The OSE ended Friday’s trading down 2.75 percent on 365.03 points, meaning […]

Economy prospers despite EU crises

UPDATED: Revised forecasts suggest that the Norwegian economy will do better than originally expected this year, giving many consumers more money than they may otherwise have had. Nonetheless, Norway is not immune to the destabilizing forces in the world economy as the Oslo Stock Exchange fell for the seventh day in a row on Thursday […]

Oslo stocks spring forward

The Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) enjoyed its best trading day of the year on Monday, when the first day of March signaled a good start to the spring after a long, cold winter. OSE’s main index jumped 2.7 percent to 359.9 in active trading. Oil prices have risen to nearly USD 80 a barrel in […]

Shares weak after week's rough start

A sudden realization that oil prices had fallen sharply seemed to scare investors away from the Oslo Stock Exchange when trading got underway this week. On Tuesday they were back, and a recovery seemed to be underway, but it didn’t last and the market was down again on Wednesday morning. Several of the biggest companies […]

'Børsen' takes another beating

The Oslo Stock Exchange (Børsen) started the week with its worse pounding of the year on Monday, a sharp reversal from weeks of steady recovery. Analysts almost universally blamed the recent drop in oil prices, along with investor uncertainty. Telenor, faced with major trouble in Russia, fell again but not as badly as many other […]

Oslo Stock Exchange ‘best in Europe’

Optimistic investors continue to drive up share prices on the Oslo Stock Exchange. While stocks sank in the US and on most European exchanges, the market in Oslo was brisk and delivered an impressive performance. All 10 of the most influential stock exchanges in Europe fell on Thursday, but the main index of the Oslo […]