Norway drops court treaty with Poland

UPDATED: Norway is pulling out of talks with Poland about closer cooperation between courts in the two countries. After nearly three years of negotiations, Norway’s court administration (Domstolsadministrasjonen) has concluded that Poland’s current leaders simply want to turn its courts into a political tool. “We can’t partner with a justice ministry that is actively undermining […]

Norway and Poland in diplomatic duel

Years of new and rising tension between Norway and Poland seemed to reach the boiling point this week, after Norway expelled Poland’s consul and Poland responded by ousting one of Norway’s diplomats. It’s the latest trouble to emerge between allies within the European Economic Association (EEA), the EU and NATO. Norway and Poland have been […]

Norway grants more funds to Poland

Norway’s new government minister in charge of relations with the EU traveled to Warsaw on Wednesday, to formally hand over more development funds. Marit Berger Røsland’s visit took place on the very day, though, that the EU threatened to take away Poland’s voting rights because of its conservative government’s controversial reforms. The EU Commission proposed, […]

State visit linked Norway and Poland

Poland’s new president, Andrzej Duda, arrived in pouring rain on Monday and left in sunshine on Wednesday after his first three-day state visit to Norway. He’s the second top official from Poland to visit Norway just this year, pointing up Poland’s interest in Norwegian energy and financial resources at a time when relations with the EU have […]

Polish protesters pound press organization

Norway’s press federation (Norsk Presseforbund) was swamped by thousands of angry emails from Poland this week after the federation’s press complaints board acquitted a newspaper in Sør-Trøndelag. The paper had mistakenly referred in a film review to the Nazi German concentration camp Auschwitz as being Polish. The newspaper, Avisa Sør-Trøndelag, quickly apologized for its mistake, so the press […]

Men from Poland ‘change’ while living in Norway

A new lifestyle study of men and women from Poland who have moved to Norway to work suggests that Polish men help more often with chores around the house in Norway than they did in Poland. Polish women, meanwhile, claimed they felt less feminine in Norway because of different dress codes and customs. The study was […]

Polish take jobs Norwegians won’t

About 80,000 Polish people are registered as living in Norway, making it the biggest immigrant group in the country. However, researchers estimate that more than 100,000 Polish people are now employed in Norway, as more and more choose to live in Poland and commute internationally for work. The number dwarfs the 43,000 Swedish residents who […]

King and queen head for Poland

King Harald and Queen Sonja will be making their first state visit of the year next week, to Poland, and they’ll be accompanied by three government ministers and top diplomats from both countries. The goal is to further build on the relations between Poland and Norway, and strengthen Norway’s interests in Poland. Norwegian Foreign Minister […]

People from Poland ‘will be heard’

Immigrants and guest workers from Poland make up the largest group of foreign residents in Norway, and now they’re expected to start making their voices heard. With tens of thousands of people from Poland now living permanently in Norway, they can form an important political lobbying group. Jakub M Godzimirski, a senior researcher at the […]

Exploitation plagues Polish workers

Workers from Poland have been building homes, offices, schools and otherwise making a solid contribution to Norway’s economy for years, but they still face discrimination in the labour market. Government officials vow to continue their fight against workplace exploitation. A new study reported by newspaper Dagsavisen and in other Norwegian media this week shows that […]