Population growing even faster than expected

Norway has been attracting a lot of new residents in recent years, not least because of its strong economy, and the population of Oslo is rising even faster than expected. A new study predicts Oslo will have 819,000 residents by 2030. That’s up from 12,000 in the estimates made by statisticians working for the City […]

Population growth turns towns into cities

The constant influx of new residents to the Oslo area, already the fastest-growing metropolitan area in Europe, will turn neighbouring small towns into regional cities, according to plans proposed by top politicians in Oslo and Akershus counties. Newspaper Aftenposten reported over the weekend that towns targeted include Ås, a rural community south of Oslo that’s […]

Oslo’s population predicted to boom

The population of Oslo is expected to grow by 34.3 percent or 208,000 residents over the next 20 years. It would take the capital’s total population to around 852,000 residents, with most of the initial growth expected to be driven by immigration. Oslo municipality’s Improvement and Development Agency (Utviklings- og kompetanseetat) and Statistics Norway (Statistisk […]

Immigration keeps fishing towns alive

Dozens of Norwegian communities in coastal and rural areas are becoming increasingly dependent on immigrant labour as more and more local youth flock to the cities. Fish farming and agriculture can’t find enough workers within Norway alone, while small towns with plummeting populations are being kept alive by immigrants. Meanwhile, many young Norwegians have been […]

Ethnic Norwegian population drops

New statistics show there are almost 4,500 fewer ethnic Norwegians in the country than there were a decade ago, meaning Norway’s rapidly growing population has been entirely driven by immigration. Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå, SSB) has found that between 2004 and 2013, the population has increased from 4.6 million to 5.1 million inhabitants. At the […]

Population growth tapers off

Population growth in Norway has slowed and is at its lowest level since the first quarter or 2007, reports state statistics bureau SSB. Norway’s population amounted to 5,063,709 inhabitants at the end of this year’s first quarter, an increase of just 1.2 percent (or 12,434 inhabitants) since the fourth quarter of 2012. SSB tied the […]

Rapid growth hits housing market

It took Norway a few thousand years to reach a population of just 5 million. Another  million, though, is expected just 17 years from now and cities like Oslo are struggling to keep up with demand for housing, as real estate prices soar. Figures released recently by state statistics bureau SSB suggest that Norway’s population […]

Immigration breaks new record

Around 80,000 persons moved to Norway last year, the vast majority coming from other European countries where unemployment is high. The influx exceeded the numbers expected by researchers at state statistics bureau SSB, and marks the highest level of immigration ever. More than 260,000 European immigrants now live in Norway, reported newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) […]

Immigrants ‘save’ outlying areas

With Dutch immigrants running tourist camps in mountain valleys and Somalian refugees playing football in Telemark, it comes as no surprise that families from Estonia and Poland are settling down on the windswept island of Herøy, while Palestinians are carving out new lives in Tromsø. Many Norwegian communities far from Oslo see these new settlers […]

Norwegians now number 5 million

It’s official: As of Monday, March 19, Norway’s population stands at 5 million persons because of record-high growth rates fueled by longer life-spans, the highest fertility rate in Europe and immigration. New residents from Poland and Sweden are accounting for much of Norway’s growth. The official population figure is based on statistics gathered during a […]