Postal service issues new Vigeland stamps

Norway’s postal service has issued two new stamps to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, the man behind all the statues in Oslo’s Vigeland Park at Frogner. Two of Vigeland’s most iconic sculptures were chosen for the stamps, with the angry little boy called Sinnataggen adorning a stamp for postage […]

Profit plunge puts pressure on Posten

They tried to put the best possible spin on their results, even claiming that “we had a lot to celebrate in 2018” with some new markets growing. Top management at Norway’s postal service Posten Norge nonetheless had to disclose a painful 68 percent plunge in fourth-quarter profits on Monday, at a time when households all over […]

Norway’s ‘Posten’ self-destructs

NEWS COMMENTARY: Norway’s postal service (Posten) seemed to continue its march towards self-destruction of traditional services this week, when it confirmed consolidation of all letter sorting for Southern Norway at its Lørenskog terminal northeast of Oslo. Hundreds of people working at terminals in Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Molde and Stokke are likely to lose their jobs, […]

‘Posten’ delivers more bad news

The Norwegian postal service (Posten Norge), which continues to cut service despite posting strong financial results recently, is now poised to cut more staffing as well. Right in the middle of the annual Christmas rush, several hundred postal workers were told they may lose their jobs next year. “We actually have an agreement that this […]

Postal service profits on service cuts

Norway’s postal service (Posten Norge) is a shadow of its former self, after a wave of post office closures and major cuts in delivery service. It is, however, earning money. Posten reported pre-tax profits last week of NOK 248 million in the fourth quarter, compared to a loss of NOK 167 million in the same […]

Postal service to cut delivery once again

Norwegians stopped getting their mail delivered on Saturdays last fall. Now the Norwegian postal service (Posten) looks set to win state permission to only deliver the mail every other day. The state transport ministry, which also is responsible for communications in Norway, sent out its proposal to hearing this week regarding changes in the frequency […]

Slow postal service nullified votes

The Norwegian postal service Posten is supposed to live up to its motto of delivering on time, but ongoing cutbacks have resulted in numerous delays and reduced deliveries around the country. Now that’s had an adverse effect on Monday’s parliamentary election. Hundreds of absentee ballots have been delivered too late to local election boards. State broadcaster NRK reported […]

Postal service’s service breaks down

Norway’s postal service (Posten Norge) has been the subject of lots of customer irritation in recent months, following the closure of post offices, rising postal rates and declining service, episodes of slow delivery or no delivery at all. On Friday the postal outlets now set up in local grocery stores to replace closed post offices, were […]

Postal service to cut another 550 jobs

Norway’s struggling postal service, Posten, looks set to lay off another 550 employees. The job cuts loom after the Parliament’s transport committee went along with plans to merge the two classes of postal service and cut staff at six postal terminals. Posten, wholly owned by the state, has faced major competition from email and other […]

New postal chief breaks a barrier

Norway’s volatile postal system, Posten Norge, has been closing post offices and reinventing itself for years as it goes through constant transformation in a digital era. Now it has a new chief executive, and her appointment marks another major change: Tone Wille is Posten’s first female top executive in its 369-year history. “Yes, I’ll be Posten’s first […]