Norway tops new prosperity survey

Norway has done a “remarkable” job converting its national wealth into widespread prosperity for its residents, according to the latest Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA) conducted by the international Boston Consulting Group. Norway tops SEDA’s ranking of 152 countries. The SEDA survey measures how wealth is used to improve well-being in each individual country. Data […]

Norway tops another international ranking

Norway has won the top spot in another international ranking of prosperity and well-being among 142 countries worldwide. The country performed best in the “social capital” portion of the latest Prosperity Index, compiled by the Legatum Institute, a British think tank. The annual Prosperity Index ranks countries according to their performance in eight equally-weighted categories including […]

Top leaders descended on Davos

A veritable “who’s who” of Norway’s most influential citizens were mingling in Davos, Switzerland to share ideas with other rich and powerful people at the World Economic Forum. Among them was Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who spoke about the so-called “Norwegian model” before top Norwegian companies invited 2,500 Forum participants to lunch on Saturday. Stoltenberg […]

Net income still evenly distributed

The global finance crisis hasn’t had much affect on Norway’s relatively even distribution of income. Fully 90 percent of all Norwegians earn less than NOK 450,000 (USD 75,000) per year, according to an examination of the country’s most recently filed tax returns. The remaining 10 percent reporting higher net incomes could claim a third of […]

Norway still the best place to live

The United Nations has once again ranked Norway  as the best country in the world in which to live, but at least one top opposition politician is not impressed. The UN’s Human Development Index for 2010 puts Norway at the top of this year’s list of 169 countries, with Zimbabwe at the bottom. Norway has […]

Norway tops new prosperity index

Norway has become the subject of superlatives in recent years, as its oil wealth trickles through society and government guardians work to ensure egalitarian distribution. Long known for being the best place in the world to live, Norway now tops an international prosperity index as well. Norway moved up from fifth place last year to […]

Norway back on top as world’s best place to live

Norway has regained its spot as the best country in the world in which to live, according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). It beat out 181 other countries ranked in terms of residents’ life expectancy, literacy, access to education and gross national product per capita. Norwegians almost make a sport out of complaining, […]