FM radio fans air pirate broadcasts

Norway officially switched over to DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) on a nationwide basis this week, but that doesn’t mean FM radios are only full of static around the country. Nearly 200 local FM radio stations are allowed to keep broadcasting through 2022, while DAB dislikers and FM defenders are starting up pirate broadcasts as well. […]

NRK signs off the FM dial from Oslo

Static both literally and figuratively replaced Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s programs when they disappeared from more of the state’s FM network on Wednesday. At NRK’s chosen time of 11 seconds after 11:11am, its transmission equipment atop Oslo’s landmark Tryvann Tower was turned off, and all NRK stations are now only available via Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) in […]

DAB knocked out by fiber cable cuts

Just a week after Norwegian authorities proudly began forcing radio listeners over to DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), they had to admit to major trouble Wednesday night that literally cut out DAB coverage all over the country. DAB radios were working again Thursday morning, but the disruption sent out warnings that the system is not as “robust” as officials […]

Nordland lost FM in storm of DAB static

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) was deluged with hundreds of calls for help and complaints on Wednesday after the long stretch of Norway from Trøndelag north to the border of Troms near Narvik lost FM radio coverage with the ceremonial turn of a switch. Even some DAB radios on fishing boats and on land fell silent, because of poor […]

Solutions sought for old FM radios

As many as 7.9 million FM radios in Norway will either be useless or need adapters after the country’s FM network is replaced by DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). All can be recycled, with no compensation to their owners other than a good environmental conscience, but other solutions are also being sought. The Center Party, which opposed […]

FM radio owners lost out to DAB

A last-ditch effort by some top politicians to postpone the looming shutdown of Norway’s FM radio network failed in Parliament on Wednesday. That means FM radio will still go off the air as planned during the course of next year, forcing listeners over to DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). Norway’s controversial decision to become the first country in the world to […]

DAB critics slam radio revolution

Static is rising over Norway’s plans to literally turn off its FM radio network next year and replace it with Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). As the date for launching the FM phase-out draws closer, Norwegians are waking up to the fact that their traditional AM/FM radios will no long work, and protests are pouring in. “Norwegian […]

DAB set to replace FM radio in Norway

Norway looks set to become one of the first countries in the world to fully digitalize radio, after the government minister in charge of cultural issues decided to shut down the FM radio network by the end of 2017. It means Norwegians will need to buy new digital (DAB) radios or adapters to keep using their […]

Static over FM radio switch-off

Norway’s government has announced plans to turn off FM radio and switch to digital audio broadcasting (DAB) in 2017  – a move that may prove unpopular with Norwegians who have not yet warmed to the digital format. The government has given radio operators four years to achieve a goal of getting half of listeners to […]