Next train strike to threaten rush hour

Angry Norwegian railroad workers are threatening to halt Norway’s trains once again, if the government doesn’t postpone implementation of the latest package of EU rail directives. Now the striking workers aim to halt trains in the middle of an afternoon commuter rush period. A two-hour political strike last week halted trains all over the country, […]

Critics try to derail NSB’s name change

Leaders of Norway’s state railway NSB ran into a torrent of angry opposition and criticism on Tuesday when they rolled out their proposal to combine rail and bus operations under a new name. Their marketing and image-building project will cost NOK 280 million, at a time when passengers have been suffering from over-packed trains and […]

Oslo hotter than the Mediterranean

July is traditionally vacation time in Norway, when sun seekers flock to southern Europe. This year, they may have been better off staying at home – temperatures up to 32 degrees Celsius were forecast in Oslo on Tuesday and Wednesday, higher than in Athens. The predicted top in Athens was only 30 degrees, reported newspaper […]

More train trouble strands passengers

Train service on lines west of Oslo ground to a halt on Friday for the fourth time in the past week, because of a lack of electrical power to railroad signal equipment. All service on the busy line between Skøyen in Oslo and Sandvika west of the city was suspended. The resulting lack of signals forced […]

Bergen railway network crippled

A train breakdown in a Hordaland tunnel on Wednesday night proved to be much more serious than authorities initially thought, forcing a shutdown of the entire Bergen line on Thursday. A bus shortage compounded the problems, and commuters were warned to expect delays. A local train tore down driving lines in the tunnel near Dale, […]

Rockfall closes tourist railway

The iconic Flåm railway was closed on Thursday after a large boulder crashed through a snow barrier overnight, landing on the tracks just north of Myrdal. Rail operator NSB estimated up to 2,500 passengers would be affected by the closure. “There is a large stone which has fallen down and closed the track,” Ragnhild Aagesen […]

More heavy cargo clogs the roads

More heavy goods transport in Norway is ending up on the roads, and less on the rail network, despite the current government’s pledge to increase rail freight transport. Chronic underinvestment in rail infrastructure is going to mean even longer traffic pile-ups on the roads, say critics. “It took a red-green (coalition) government to take the […]