Transit uproar derails Bergen’s government

Politicians have been bickering in Bergen for months over how their city’s popular new public tram system known as Bybanen should be extended. They finally decided Tuesday night, by the narrowest of margins, and the debate isn’t over yet. By a vote of 34 to 33, members of the city council approved a measure to […]

Holmenkollen line rolls again

It may not be quite as old as the hills, but the public transit line from downtown Oslo to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and beyond has served the city and its visitors for more than a century. Now it’s had a major upgrade, completed just in time for the Nordic Skiing World Championships this winter. […]

Public transit gets more expensive

A new study of public transit prices in Norway shows that bus, train and tram fares have increased much more than the overall inflation rate. The high fares have been imposed despite claims from most politicians that they want to encourage use of public transit systems. Tram and bus fares have always been much higher […]

New ‘Metro’ idea falls flat

Oslo’s rapid transit system seems to be going through a self-imposed identity crisis. Officials running the city’s subway, known for decades as the T-bane, want to re-name it the Metro. Passengers want to derail the whole idea. “Stupid,” “expensive,” “crazy,” even “reprehensible” were among words used to describe the proposed name change in letters to […]

Commuters leave their cars at home

Public transit fares went up again on March 1, but Oslo-area commuters are taking the bus or tram like never before. Ridership has been soaring in recent months, while automobile traffic through local highway toll stations actually declined last year. It now costs NOK 36 (just over USD 5) to buy an adult fare single-ride […]