New land for flood victims

Local authorities will offer new and safer land to families in the Kvam district who lost their homes in last month’s flood disaster. On Tuesday, local leaders toured the area, promising to waste no time in deciding on new property development. “It’s hard to set a firm deadline, but we hope to get going before […]

Ex-PMs in doubt over high-rise’s fate

Two former Norwegian prime ministers who also once worked in the government’s high-rise headquarters say they’re in doubt over whether the building should be torn down. Both call it a “good workplace” but concede that many considerations are at stake after it was badly damaged in last summer’s terrorist attacks. Kåre Willoch of the Conservative […]

Government high-rise may be razed

The high-rise centerpiece of Norway’s bombed-out government headquarters may be torn down even if it’s found to be structurally sound, a government minister has confirmed. Security issues, costs and the concerns of those who had offices in the building will all play a role in the final decision. Rigmor Aasrud, the government minister from the […]

Rebuilding efforts can take five years

State officials and construction experts estimate it can take as long as five years and cost NOK 6 billion (more than USD 1 billion) before Norway’s government has a permanent headquarters again. Rebuilding efforts after a terrorist’s bomb in July remain a daunting task. The government minister in charge, Rigmor Aasrud of the Labour Party, […]

Library reopens after terrorist attacks

Oslo’s main public library, Deichmanske bibliotek, finally re-opened on Monday, more than two months after the neighboring government complex was struck by a terrorist’s bomb on July 22. The bombing caused major damage to the library and especially a glass partition between columns at its main entrance. Windows all along the library’s facade were also […]

Flowers to remain over the weekend

City officials in Oslo have said they’ll let all the huge floral memorials that have sprung up all over town lie where they are until next week. And then they’ll “take good care” of the symbols of grief laid down with the flowers. The flowers started piling up outside the Oslo Cathedral last Saturday, the […]

Bombed buildings may be saved

Norway’s government headquarters, heavily damaged in last week’s terrorist bombing, looks likely to be restored. Workers placed an enormous tarp over the side of the high-rise that housed the prime minister’s office and the justice ministry, as clean-up and assessment efforts continue one week after the blast. The tarp is meant to secure the surrounding […]

Foreigners just don’t ‘get’ Norway

NEWS ANALYSIS: Sympathy for Norwegians who have lived through a violent nightmare in recent days has streamed in from around the world, but so has criticism of Norway in foreign media. As Norwegians tried to return to some form of normalcy nearly a week after two terrorist attacks, many were puzzled by the foreign journalists’ […]

Commission to examine attacks

As Norway starts the healing process after last Friday’s terrorist attacks, the government announced it was forming a special commission to examine exactly what happened and gauge emergency response. The commission will be independent and later report its results to Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. “It’s import to clarify all aspects of these attacks in order […]

Tourists not scared off

The summer tourism is at its height in Norway and the vast majority haven’t been scared off by last Friday’s bombing in downtown Oslo, or by a subsequent massacre on an island outside of town. Officials in the tourism industry haven’t seen any mass cancellations and some visitors have even extended their stays in a […]