Premier hopes for a stronger Norway

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Wednesday that he hopes last week’s attacks on the government and a Labour Party summer camp will make Norway stronger, and he thinks the response from Norwegians so far indicates it will. Stoltenberg, meeting with reporters Wednesday afternoon, called the attacks by a fellow Norwegian an “attack […]

Labour may draw sympathy vote

The Norwegian Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet, Ap) is likely to enjoy a new boost of support following the recent terrorist attacks in which it was a major target. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who leads the party and Norway’s Labour-led government, is also more popular than ever, according to a new public opinion poll. The poll conducted […]

Oslo finds strength in flower power

Instead of responding with hate and calls for revenge, the vast majority of Norwegians are recovering from attacks on their capital and their youth last week with flowers, hugs, moments of silence and a series of memorial services. An enormous gathering on Monday prompted another spontaneous display of support and solidarity: Norwegians used the roses […]

Florists ran short, or out, of roses

UPDATED: With huge demand for roses from grieving Norwegians, flower shops have been doing brisk business and some ran out of stock after memorials were held all over the country on Monday. Demand was heaviest in Oslo, where several hundred thousand roses have since found their way onto the streets and even into local neighborhoods. […]

Leading a nation through crisis

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg received a hero’s welcome when he walked on stage at Monday’s huge and historic memorial service in front of Oslo’s City Hall. An estimated 150,000 Norwegians had gathered and the roar from the crowd seemed to startle even the veteran politician and Labour Party leader himself, who has led Norway’s government […]

Government gets back to work

Around 2,000 government employees in Norway are beginning to work out of hastily arranged new quarters, after their offices were destroyed in Friday’s bombing attack in the capital. The sheer logistics of setting up shop for the country’s top ministries are daunting, and the search is on for new permanent office space. A government crisis […]

Norwegians take back their capital

The flags were still flying at half-mast and a few helicopters still whirred overhead, but Norwegians took to the streets of their capital on Monday and made it clear Oslo wasn’t in the hands of any terrorists. They held tributes to the victims of a lone gunman and bomber on Friday, quietly surveyed damage from […]