Auditor slams oil safety regulator

Environmental activists were alarmed this week, after Norway’s state auditor general’s office all but blasted Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority (Petroleumstilsynet, PTIL) for not doing a better job. The highly critical report of the regulatory agency, which was even worse than environmental activists had expected, comes just as Norway’s Oil Ministry has granted a record number […]

Norway hands out more oil licenses

While his colleagues in Parliament were reeling over a report on poor regulation of Norway’s offshore installations, and another shows that most young Norwegians oppose more oil exploration, Norwegian Oil Minister Kjell-Børge Freiberg was busy and visibly proud to be handing out a record number of new offshore oil and gas exploration licenses in Norwegian […]

Finance minister warns lenders

“Too much consumer loan debt can become a problem,” warned Finance Minister Siv Jensen after calling in lenders offering unsecured loans at high interest rates. Jensen told them that if they don’t restrict activity themselves, new regulations will. Jensen was joined by Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara and the minister in charge of consumer issues, […]

Viking ship tied up in bureaucracy

A full-scale copy of Norway’s famous Oseberg Viking ship, which has sailed around the historic city of Tønsberg for the past five years, is currently tied up right at the start of its busy summer season. With no specific registry for Viking ships in Norway, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (Sjøfartsdirektoratet) believes the Saga Oseberg is either a cargo or passenger vessel, and it […]

Protests fly after jetski ban is lifted

Norway’s conservative government coalition has given a green light for the use of jetskis, known locally as a vannskuter (literally, water scooter) in offshore waters beginning this summer. Local officials are protesting, both over the noise and safety hazards they pose, and intend to impose their right to regulate local use themselves. Mayor Jone Blikra of the Labour […]