Grocery chain deal could be illegal

The future of the ICA grocery store chain in Norway was uncertain this week after Norway’s competition authority Konkurransetilsynet ordered a temporary suspension of a cooperative agreement between ICA Norge and NorgesGruppen. The regulators fear the deal, announced earlier this year, would give NorgesGruppen too much market control and violate competition laws, even though Swedish-controlled ICA […]

Holiday shopping set no big records

After some mixed reports earlier in the month, it appears that this year’s holiday shopping season in Norway ended with consumers showing more restraint than in recent years. Shopping centers reported only modest increases, even a few declines, in sales, and retailers think shoppers were more price- and quality-conscious. Steen & Strøm, which operates around […]

Michelle Obama gives Oleana a boost

Norwegian clothing firm Oleana is enjoying a boost in demand for its sweaters and other apparel, after word got out that US First Lady Michelle Obama took no less than four Oleana sweaters home with her after being in Oslo to see her husband win the Nobel Peace Prize. Michelle Obama has become a fashion […]

Government mulls grocery probe

Norway’s cabinet minister in charge of agriculture and food, Lars Peder Brekk, is calling for an investigation into the profitable operations of Norwegian grocery store chains. He thinks the retailers are making too much money, at the expense of consumers and food producers. Many of Norway’s wealthiest individuals are so-called kjøpmenn , people who made […]

Oil-rich Norway loses its gas stations

Norway has more cars than ever before, as its oil-fuelled economy continues to boost affluence, but gasoline stations have been shutting down all over the country. Their operators claim they can’t make any money off them, and motorists are having to drive farther to fill up their tanks. In 1999, Norway had more than 2,200 […]