FpU weighs in on Sunday trading

The Progress Party’s youth organization Fremskrittspartiets Ungdom (FpU) took aim at the food barons behind Norway’s grocery chains, accusing them of having ulterior motives and protecting their own interests in opposing wider Sunday trading. FpU leader Atle Simonsen said retail giants NorgesGruppen and Reitangruppen which own Norway’s largest supermarkets also own the convenience stores which […]

Weak sales surprised and disappointed

Norway’s state statistics bureau SSB has confirmed that holiday sales were much weaker than analysts had expected. SSB’s figures follow sales reports from various shopping centers and retail organizations that had shown weak growth earlier as well. SSB reported that retail volume was only 0.1 percent higher in December than in November, while  revenues of […]

Food giant ‘comes out of the closet’

Norway’s largest food producer, Orkla, has threatened to move production out of Norway if the new government eases the protectionist policies that  keep food prices high. The threat has been met with anger and ridicule from economists and discount grocery store chain Bunnpris, while the minister in charge of agriculture and food responded that government […]