Solberg wards off government crisis

Prime Minister Erna Solberg finally got her three government coalition partners to agree late Friday night on a new compromise for financing transport improvements. The plan aims to reduce the need for local governments to impose more controversial bompenger (road tolls),  after months of noisy public opposition to higher tolls all over the country.  The […]

Road tolls can cost the state dearly

Finance Minister Siv Jensen’s Progress Party reignited the Norwegian government’s internal battle over bompenger (road tolls) on Sunday. The ongoing battle is still threatening to unravel Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s conservative coalition, as confusion and uncertainty reign just weeks before local elections. It’s the local governments around Norway that actually set road tolls in their own […]

Session ends amid uproar and pay hike

Norway’s Parliament was closing for the summer on Friday, amid ongoing political uproar over road tolls and sagging public opinion polls. While formal debate won’t resume until early October, conflicts are still flaring among lawmakers who didn’t ajourn before granting themselves “crazy” pay hikes. It’s been a stormy session at Norway’s Storting, not least with […]