Troubled ‘Goliat’ knocked out again

Norway’s Labour Minister Anniken Hauglie has vowed that the chronically troubled Goliat platform in the Barents Sea won’t be allowed to restart operations until all its problems are corrected. It’s been shut down once again by the state petroleum agency, at a time when safety concerns on offshore oil installations are rising. “There is no […]

Statoil admits to lack of maintenance

Norwegian state oil company Statoil admitted late last week that it had underestimated the risk of inadequate maintenance at both its Mongstad plant on the West Coast and on it oil installation on the Troll field. An internal probe also revealed that both accidents last fall could have had fatal consequences. As state officials also […]

‘Goliat’ problems spark inquiry

Safety concerns and accusations of a “clown culture” on board the huge Goliat oil platform in the Barents Sea have sparked an inquiry from Norway’s Labour Minister. She wants some answers from the state authorities who’ve also been criticized over how they’ve handled complaints from workers and their unions. Labour Minister Anniken Hauglie is concerned over working conditions […]

State campaigns ‘a waste of money’

Every year the state spends millions of kroner on public information campaigns, on topics as diverse as urging Norwegians to eat more vegetables to observing speed limits. New research suggests it’s all a waste of taxpayers’ money. “At best it’s doubtful that people will really learn anything from reading a brochure,” Niklas Jakobsson of the […]