Scientists took babies’ brains and hearts

Over the last 30 years, forensic scientists have performed research on the hearts and brains of about 700 deceased Norwegian infants without seeking parental consent. An investigation by newspaper VG revealed the practice has gone on since 1984 in connection to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other research. Permission was not requested for the […]

Svalbard offers Himalayan insight

India is increasingly interested in studying climate change in Norway’s far northern archipelago of Svalbard, which could help Indian scientists better understand changes in the Himalayas. India’s foreign minister Salman Khurshid visited Svalbard this week, enjoying his country’s fresh observer status on the Arctic Council. Along with Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide, Khurshid visited the main […]

Royal honours for Kavli Prize winners

Norway’s King Harald was on hand once again to formally present the prestigious Kavli Prizes in Oslo on Monday. The prizes are awarded for outstanding achievement in the fields of nanoscience, neuroscience and astrophysics. They were initiated by Norwegian emigrant Fred Kavli, who earned a fortune as an engineer and entrepreneur in California after leaving […]

30 Viking graves found in Setesdal

Thirty graves believed to originate from the Viking period have been discovered in the valley of Setesdal, southern Norway. The major discovery earlier this summer was made in connection with a road project in the area. Newspaper Aftenposten reports that the burial area, near the settlement of Langeid, was first found in June as part […]

Research claims alcoholism is genetic

A joint Norwegian-American report claims that 71 percent of alcoholics have inherited the condition genetically, a far higher total than expected or previously put forward. The results of the project, which comes from cooperation between Virginia Commonwealth University and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, contradict previous findings that suggested genetic causes lay behind half […]

‘Lemming year’ about to explode

Norwegian researchers are predicting that a new “lemming year” will break out this spring in the mountains if current weather conditions persist – the first such year since 2007. The small rodent, renowned for its violent temperament, enjoyed excellent breeding conditions beginning last November, with a stable environment and enough snow coverage to avoid the […]

Radiation higher in Oslo than Tokyo

A leading Norwegian nuclear physicist has criticized the Norwegian media’s “mild, collective psychosis” surrounding radiation since the tsunami in Japan threatened the Fukushima nuclear power station – and has added that radiation levels in Oslo were higher than Tokyo’s just last Friday, March 18. Sunniva Siem, leader of the University of Oslo’s Centre for Accelerator-based […]

Emigrant returns to support others

Fred Kavli emigrated from Norway as a young man, made a fortune as an engineer and entrepreneur in California, and now is sharing his wealth and inspiration with others in the form of generous prizes for scientists. The Kavli Prizes were awarded in Oslo Tuesday, amidst royalty and some showbiz glitter. Kavli decided to award […]

Fossil 'Ida' stirs even more debate

The fossil called “Ida,” said to be “the missing link” in human evolution, is attracting even more attention than when she first arrived in Oslo earlier this year. Another blast of criticism over the missing link angle comes just as the researcher behind Ida’s fame has launched a new book on the fossil, won an […]

'Ida' comes 'home' to Oslo

The suddenly world-famous fossil called “Ida” attracted large crowds over the weekend when she made her debut at the Museum of Natural History in Oslo. Thousands turned out to see the fossil that’s sparked both fascination and criticism. Officials at the museum, which is linked to the University of Oslo, said they normally receive around […]