Part of Sellafield nuclear plant closes

Part of the British nuclear energy plant Sellafield is to be closed down as a consequence of the after-effects of the Fukushima incident in Japan earlier this year. Although 600 British jobs were lost, many organizations in Norway have welcomed the move given concerns about the carriage of nuclear waste from the plant by ocean […]

Sellafield terror worries minister

The Norwegian environment and international development minister has expressed concern over the fallout for Norway of a potential terror attack on the British nuclear power facility Sellafield, after five men were arrested outside the plant earlier this week. Erik Solheim, the environment minister and a representative for the Socialist Left Party, has expressed fears that […]

Delegation visits British nuclear plant

A Norwegian delegation has visited the controversial British nuclear processing station at Sellafield in northwest England, and criticized the plant operators for becoming “more reticent” in the face of Norwegian concerns. The Norwegian government has pushed over the past 15 years to have the operation shut down. Radiation leaked from the site over a number […]