Pride wins over shame in Norway

The tens of thousands of cheering marchers and spectators who turned out over the weekend for Oslo’s annual Pride Parade illustrated a fundamental change in Norwegian society. Attitudes towards sexual preference have become far more tolerant and supportive just in the past two decades, but experts warn that the battle for full acceptance isn’t over yet. That’s probably […]

Admiral’s job wasn’t gender-based

The Supreme Court of Norway (Høyesterett) ruled on Tuesday that Rear Admiral Louise Kathrine Dedichen was not appointed as head of the Norwegian Defense University College (Høgskolene i Forsvaret) because she was a woman. Dedichen’s appointment was challenged by the man she beat for the role, Brigadier Øyvind Kirsebom Strandman, on the grounds the state […]

Norway sued for gender discrimination

An American woman who worked for three years at the Norwegian consulate in Minneapolis is suing the Norwegian government after she was paid USD 40,000 less than a male colleague in a similar role. Ellen Ewald alleged she earned less simply because she was a woman. “I am so disappointed in Norway!” Ewald told newspaper […]

LO leader accused of ‘bullying’ moms

The new head of Norway’s largest trade union federation (LO) is being accused of “bullying” women in Norway who choose to work part-time. Gerd Kristiansen claims that mothers who work part-time are “using the mother’s role as an excuse” to stay at home, and that’s “not good for the country.” Kristiansen, who launched into working […]