Oslo allows retailers to reopen stores

Declining infection levels and hospitalizations, along with a steady rise in vaccinations, have prompted Oslo’s city government to finally allow stores and shopping centers to reopen from Thursday. Restaurants, bars, exercise studios and most everything else will remain closed, however, with a new evaluation due later in May. The goal is a “gradual and controlled” […]

Holiday shoppers defied Corona

There are few signs that the Corona crisis put a freeze on holiday shopping, with sales brisk at most retail stores and soaring at online retailers. Officials at Norway’s largest bank, DNB, see “nothing that suggests a crisis” within the retail sector as a whole. “We’re seeing a strong increase despite the pandemic,” Ine Oftedahl, […]

Shopping in Sweden sets a new record

Many Norwegians are likely to be driving over the border to Sweden again this weekend to do their grocery shopping and stock up on items that are much cheaper than at home. Cross-border trade just set another new record and there’s no sign of decline. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) reports that Norwegians have spent […]

Border trade booms again during Easter

Customs officers were prepared this past week for another seasonal burst of Norwegians driving over the border to shop in Sweden. Border trade is stronger than ever, but there are traps for unwary Norwegian shoppers. A new survey compiled by the Norwegian business school NHH (Norges Handelshøyskole) in Bergen shows that fully 60 percent of […]

Debt levels soar as shoppers roared

Norwegian shoppers literally roared their way into the annual Christmas shopping season (julehandel) at “Black Friday” sales heading into the weekend, just as more reports emerged of high household debt levels. That’s not a good combination, economists warned, but sales were expected to climb once again. Noisy crowds gathered around the entrances of several shopping centers in Norway in the […]

Eager shoppers latched onto ‘Black Friday’

Like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, another North American tradition called “Black Friday” has become popular in Norway, much to the despair of critics. Thousands of Norwegians stood in lines and even camped outside shopping centers, to cash in Friday on what they believed to be huge discounts on selected merchandise. The fourth Friday in November […]

Objections rise to Sunday shopping

The Norwegian government’s proposal to allow all retailers to open for business on Sunday has met massive opposition. “No one wants this,” claims Trine Lise Sundnes, leader of a major union representing retail employees, while opposition parties are trying to block the measure in Parliament. Sundnes, leader of the labour organization Handel og Kontor, told news […]

Sunday openings ‘shock’ critics

Norway’s conservative government wants stores to be able to open on Sundays if they choose to do so, but its proposal presented on Friday was blasted by both labour and business organizations. They expressed “shock” and “disappointment” over the proposed law to allow Sunday openings, even though it would give consumers more choice. “We are both disappointed […]

Kids’ clothes contained chemicals

Testing conducted by the Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) found endocrine-disrupting chemicals in children’s clothes from major Scandinavian clothing chains Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), Cubus and Kappahl. The study found potentially harmful chemicals in every third item of clothing tested. The testing was done ahead of a seminar on protecting consumers against toxic substances, to be […]

Holiday shopping set new record

A consumer study done shortly before the Christmas holiday shopping season began found that many Norwegians had no specific gift wishes. More than NOK 50 billion worth of gifts ended up under Norwegian Christmas trees, though, setting a new record once again. The study, carried out by marketing analysis firm YouGov, found that fully 8 […]