Many stores ready to open on Sundays

With a new Conservatives-led government promising more individual freedom and market liberalization in Norway, the country’s biggest grocery chains say they’re gearing up to open for business on Sundays. State law has, until now, banned store openings on Sundays except for those under 100 square meters in size and located new transit hubs and tourist […]

More stores may open on Sundays

Norway’s Labour Party is clearing the way for a re-evaluation of the country’s laws restricting opening times for retail stores. Since Labour leads the government coalition that still has a majority in Parliament, where some opposition parties already support retail liberalization, residents of Norway may soon be able to shop on Sundays in more and […]

Shoppers spend more than planned

Norwegians usually end up spending more money on Christmas gifts than they had planned, despite signs of caution earlier this month. A new study shows they’ll spend an average of NOK 7,000 (nearly USD 1,300) this year. Fresh statistics show that Norwegian retailers finally started seeing a Christmas shopping rush over the weekend, after a […]