Warm, wet winter set to continue

Norway has experienced its eighth warmest December since 1900, with torrential rainfall second only to December 1975. The deluge has pushed power prices to a seven-year low, and meteorologists predict the mild conditions will continue. Large areas of the inner eastern region were between six and eight degrees Celsius warmer than average, and parts of […]

Icicles led to injury and prison

An Oslo court sent a powerful message to property owners on Thursday: Remove snow and icicles hanging off rooftops in winter, or risk going to jail. Both the owner and manager of an apartment building in Oslo’s fashionable Frogner district were sentenced to prison and fined heavily after failing to do so, and after a […]

Complaints have poured in over lack of snow plowing

City officials in Oslo have been as dissatisfied with snow clearing this winter as local residents, and have issued fines amounting to several hundred thousand kroner to the three firms responsible for plowing streets and sidewalks. “They just haven’t done a very good job,” Arne Sørlie of the city transport department told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). […]

Capital digs out after heavy snowfall

Weeks of near-constant snowfall have all but overwhelmed Oslo’s ability to keep streets and sidewalks clear. City officials don’t want to dump snow straight into the fjord anymore, for environmental reasons, but the capital’s sole snow depot filled up and dumping occurred anyway. Skiers, meanwhile, are enjoying a season to remember. After a brief respite […]